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on the business of dig

A bit on the story of our family business and the direction it’s headed… While working full time at the Missoula Art Museum, I started a small gardening business many years ago called dig this chick. Eventually, I stopped pulling other people’s weeds and started a blog to track my own weed pulling. I named it dig this chick. And then it changed and grew. I learned to sew on my grandma’s sewing machine because I was surprisingly pregnant and didn’t … Continue reading on the business of dig →
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always there for us

After a rainy and chilly end of spring in Montana, it seems summer really did come with the solstice. I wrote about Margot and her bike in this week’s mama digs: training wheels. About her beautifully strong personality and her direct ability to put me right in my place when I need it. Love this kid. We’ve been busy working on home renovations and I am eager to share stories about paint, arranging and moving. However…it’s summer! And while I am … Continue reading always there for us →
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farmer’s wife

I remember reading a blog post a while back by a farming mama of several kids (I searched and searched and her blog is gone!) who was navigating her role in their home. It takes a lot of work to care for the stead and its inhabitants and a lot of work to farm so a division of work emerged: she kept wanting to farm, trying to work the fields, feeling badly that she wasn’t keeping up until she shifted … Continue reading farmer’s wife →
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(not so much) in my garden

Clouds tumbled across the sky so quickly, a kaleidoscope of color ebbed over the land. I was deep charcoal and shadowless and then brightly lit and squinting and then wet with fat rain drops, all in a matter of the few minutes it took for me to trot out to collect eggs and return. On my way back I stepped over my garden gloves, the same ones I’d stepped over every day for a few weeks now. I keep seeing … Continue reading (not so much) in my garden →
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sunroom sanctuary

I am up super early this morning. I fell asleep with the girls again last night. I told them the story of the diamond in my wedding ring while they took turns holding it. Margot, at four, imagining her papa at four finding a loose stone and keeping it for all those years is pure, wide eyed magic. Again, I was in my clothes and full intention of painting into the wee hours with my mother-in-law, husband and our friend. … Continue reading sunroom sanctuary →
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