sunroom sanctuary


I am up super early this morning. I fell asleep with the girls again last night. I told them the story of the diamond in my wedding ring while they took turns holding it. Margot, at four, imagining her papa at four finding a loose stone and keeping it for all those years is pure, wide eyed magic.

Again, I was in my clothes and full intention of painting into the wee hours with my mother-in-law, husband and our friend. My body, the one that had cut and sewed for hours, had other ideas and I woke in the deep black tumbling creek night as Andy climbed into our family sunroom bed.

I like being the first one up, something I thought I surely never say again after a few years of Ruby Early Riser. But I do love it so. For it is in the quiet still of the morning when I lay next to the full length window and watch the sun spill its light onto the mountains, I listen to the birds and squirrels sing their songs, I appreciate the warmth and security of the bodies in my bed.

Yesterday, I watched a doe run up and down the hill at full speed. At first I thought she was being chased but then I realized she was playing. She was full of joy on Thursday morning and literally kicking her heels up.

For all the unsettled mess that is our home right now,


this sunroom is our sanctuary.


It’s true that after living in our small small apartment, I have a new perspective on space. I imagined that might happen but I have been happily surprised at how big and giving our new home seems. It’s quite a bit smaller than our last home and yet its expansive.

And every early morning I am reminded that the sunroom contains all we need. As my very dear and smart friend said recently, everything else is just a bonus.


22 Responses to sunroom sanctuary

  1. Chante says:

    So Jealous! Of the sun room, the weather, your outlook. All of it.

  2. Jen says:

    this time of year makes me want, WANT Missoula so bad. Your photos of the early morning sun on Mt Jumbo? make my heart cry a little. If you want to trade houses, I’ve gotta a lovely barn house, and valley view in Asheville. (i know you wont!)

  3. ctb says:

    seriously, this tumbling creek needs a post of its own. i am curious, drawn in. i dont remember seeing it outlined on your property diagram. so what’s the dig? dig!

  4. ctb,

    It’s a few blocks away from us…there will many photos this summer as the swimming holes are epic! It is SO loud right now with all the spring runoff. We can hear it like it’s right out our door at night.

  5. Kelly Cach says:

    Breathtaking! I can’t get over your view! And my mouth is still gaping at the thought of your house being significantly smaller than your other one??? NEVER would have guessed that… the spaceous look of it.

    Your Ruby and your Alice on the crocheted blanket…..pure sweetness. Framer.

    I want a sunroom….do you think you’ll always have a bed in there±? ±What a way to wake up±!!!! ±(±Sorry, something is stuck on my ipad keyboard…….hence all the ± symbols ±:)

  6. That bed looks devine! I’d probably sleep out there all summer, despite the bedrooms being ready!

  7. Jean says:

    Looks like Gramma Joan has finally got her sunporch.

  8. The Popes says:

    That room really does seem heavenly!

    And I’m tucking that last sentence away in my heart. We are in a time of financial hardship. We can pay all our bills, but there is no extra. I find HUGE peace in the thought that I have everything I need. Anything else if an extra bonus.

    So good!

  9. Sophie says:

    Wow, the VIEW from your sunroom- amazing! I love being up early too, pure bliss :)

  10. Hazel says:

    That creek does sound amazing. For an Australian what I’m about to admit is sacrilegious, but I actually prefer swimming in fresh water rivers/creeks etc than a beach. I’m not a great fan of sand! Love your sunroom, and I would never have guessed that your new home is smaller. I think though that if a space is perfectly proportioned for your needs, it just feels right. I hope your home feels right.

  11. Everything else is just a bonus!!
    I love that.
    And I love your inspiring perspective each & every post….and I while I’m on it….I love that sunroom too :)
    Ok, enough love lists from me.
    Have a great week Nici. You are kicking some serious renovation-butt on that new house of yours. AWESOME!

  12. BRH says:

    That sunroom is utterly divine. I think I’d never leave it! And I love your chubby kitty, too.

    Happy weekend–and Happy Dad’s Day to your wonderful husband!


  13. Okay, so which room is the sunroom off of? And, is the sunroom–in terms of construction–more a part of the house, or a glassed-in porch? It looks divine. Your house seems perfect. And in what way is it smaller than your last house? It doesn’t seem to be, what with the basement apartment and all.

  14. TRB Holt says:

    Like Mother, like Daughter I too am an early riser and love the solitude of the morning….talk to you soon!


  15. @cloves corner:

    The sunroom is off of our bedroom and it isn’t insulated at all, more of a porch with walls and windows. The house is just a bit smaller is all! The rooms seem roomier but we don’t have the big ol’ finished basement we had in our last home (with two bonus rooms, a bedroom and bathroom).

  16. April says:

    Looks like the perfect summer bedroom to me!

  17. Sanne says:

    Can´t say how much I love your pictures! This sunroom as a summer sleeping place is just unbelievable!
    One day I come over and take a nap, w0uld you mind?

  18. Barbara says:

    this room looks perfect. perhaps the mountain’s beauty and sunshine help? :) You are a lucky lady, and I curtsy to you and your sweet family. Have a lovely day.

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