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First: sending warm, supportive thoughts to those in need on the east coast. xo :: :: :: I have Mondays all to myself. I knew going into my new schedule that I'd seek to accomplish an astronomical amount of stuff on Mondays. I said the following out loud as much as possible: "I will not put freaky pressure on myself to work. I will also allow myself the freedom to enjoy the space and time." It was like an affirmation chant that I desperately wanted to believe. This is the first time in nearly three years -- since Ruby was born -- that I've had a regularly scheduled day to myself. Continue reading →
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snow, stitches and stew

We had a full day yesterday. By day's end, both of my kids were cooked. We were finally home, with nothing to do but make dinner (have you seen this? so funny) and sit down. It was nearly 6pm. I hadn't even slipped my purse from my shoulder. I picked up my phone to check in with my husband as he is usually home at 5:30. Ruby started screaming, a horrible shrill painful yell coming from the guest room. I was there in two leaps to find her kicking on the floor with genuine, fat tears. What is it baby? I asked over and over. She couldn't answer. I saw my scissors -- my super sharp sewing scissors -- on the floor. I felt hot. Did you cut yourself with the scissors? Let me see your hands. Where? What hurts? Show me. She finally managed to let me know it was her arm. I scooped her up and saw a stomach-flipping sight. My little girl's arm, the super soft fleshy place on the inside bicep split clean open in two spots. There was no blood, just a gaping window to raw flesh. And then, right before my eyes, it gushed. Continue reading →
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hump day nuggets: tucked in

nuggets: bits of the season in photos and words I love fall so much. Everything tucks in. Decayed plant matter into soil, birds into down, people into homes. We have a reserve of summer's solar energy to last us through the chill, damp, fireside months. We don't draw too much at a time because we're wrapped up, hunkered down, gathered, snuggled and tucked in. I've been feeling especially inspired and creative lately. I think much of it has to do with getting groovy in my home. I hadn't really settled in, arranged bits, perfected corners. We moved in, did a ton of work texturing and painting walls, ripping out bathrooms, tearing up carpet and redoing electrical. Oh and building a fence, a chicken coop, a staircase off the deck, a painting studio for Andy, stone stairs up the back. In the midst of and around home reno extravaganza, summer beckoned us outside so the finessing and curating of our stuff never happened. We literally tossed and piled our belongings and went outside. Continue reading →
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ghost town

Today, round two of the heinous sickness rests in the body of my eldest. Again, we were up all night. Again, with the gentle forehead kisses, exhausted bed and pj changes. It is most likely the same funk Ruby had so I am very hopeful for tomorrow. Ruby was mostly her spirited self after 36 deflated hours. The weather seems to be of our barometer our health. The days have been gray and chilly when we are relegated to horizontal, indoor surfaces. The days have been brilliant and sun-warmed when we are active. The morning Ruby's rosy cheeks returned, we decided to get lost. She remained weak, most comfortable in my arms so our adventure needed to be a mellow one. We piled in the car, unsure of where we were headed when I remembered Garnet Ghost Town. We've driven past the little directional sign on highway 200 many times but had never taken that right turn and traveled 11 miles to the abandoned mining town. The day was bright, the highway welcoming. We took off. Continue reading →
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dig this sponsor: Sarah’s Silks

Today, I happily welcome sponsor Sarah’s Silks! We first discovered this wonderful company’s products at Walking Stick in Missoula. Specifically, I fell in love with the streamers and their beautiful, simple, solid construction. Read more on dig this sponsor: Sarah’s Silks…
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