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nuggets: thanks and three

nuggets: bits of the season in photos and words I looked back on my blog to last year at this time. I first scrolled through the photos of my tiny children, a swell of nostalgia and ache for them to return to that age for just one full minute. In those 60 seconds I'd meditate on their little bodies, their voice, their movement. I'd press my face into their eyelids and kiss the soft, hollow spot behind their earlobes. My post was written several days after Thanksgiving and started with this: I know Thanksgiving blog posts were like so five minutes ago but that’s cool with me. I still wear bootcut jeans too. I found solidarity with my last-year self. I considered going back to 2007 -- that Thanksgiving my belly was round with Margot -- and rolling through the last five years of photos and words at November's end. But in my sniffling sentimental state and with both kids at school, I have elected to focus on this year's holiday. I'll save that memory stroll for another time, one where my kids are asleep down the hall so I can visit and rub my nose against theirs when I feel a heart surge to touch their aliveness. nuggets. :: We spent Thanksgiving on St. Mary's Peak, in a friend's cabin. Seven of the steepest switchbacks I've ever seen; I am too chicken to drive it in the summer. Add 5 inches of snow and I was out. Continue reading →
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dig this sponsor: Earlywood

And here I get to welcome back Earlywood as a sponsor! Hand-crafted kitchen utensils, made in Montana. Behold: Any time I share my kitchen, my food or photos of my kitchen or food I am asked about the ladle, the spoon, the cutting board, the beautiful, functional array of objects on my counter. Continue reading →
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pause and love

Oh this week! I love this week. Thanksgiving and my Rhubarb turns three. Three! Ruby's favorite question to be asked: Who turns three on Friday? She waits for the sentence o finish with a big, proud grin and then throws her hands overheard and shouts I! Which is fun because I interpret it like Aye! Been spinnin' on the ol' planet for three years, me lady. Continue reading →
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umi moo, a coupla giveaways for you

Tonight, I bring you two giveaways, courtesy of Umi and Moo. Umi kindly sent my girls each a pair of shoes. Margot chose silver mary janes and Ruby chose knee high butterfly boots. Not all kid shoes are created equal and with my running, climbing kids, I seek good shoes on their wee, growing feet. Umi makes good shoes, I think. And, well, my girls really love their new kicks. Thanks, Umi. Continue reading →
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Margot: OK, dad. Now you puke. Go. Andy: Heeeeecccchhhmmmmaaay. Booochaaaaaw. Margot: Oh that's bad. You OK, honey? Ruby: You all done puking daddy? Andy: Yeah, but my belly still hurts. Ruby: I make you tummy tea and get the oils. Margot: No. You have a fever. Andy: Really? Shoot. How hot? Margot: 50 degrees! I got it. Here's a bandage. Andy: Oh now I'm bleeding? Ruby: Oh no we need go to the hostible! I get keys. Actually, I go get nother bandage. Here you go daddy. Margot, get me a pin. Andy: That looks like a photograph. Ruby: Pretend, dad. It's a pin. Margot: Uh Oh. Hhhmmmuaaaaaaaaah. Andy: Wait, now you're throwing up? Nurse, you have to help the doctor. She's puking. Ruby: Let's call your mom. Let me get a baby and a necklace. Here. Open your mouth. Wider, wider. OK. Is that clean? OK? Margot: OK. Here's the real doctor, the big doctor. I got it. All done puking. Let's read a book. Continue reading →
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