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Well, friends. I, with the help of talented people, am getting ready to launch my new website! It will be happening this week and there could be some hiccups with the nearly six years of content and links changing locations. Thanks for your understanding and, why not go shopping while the kinks smooth out?

We have many new items listed in our GEO shop. All of our items are custom made, featuring the place(s) you love. States, countries, continents, islands, provinces, rivers, lakes…Hot pads, trucker hats, hoodies, bibs, craft bags, onesies, dish linens…

In the past we also appliquéd dinosaurs, pies, boba fett, snowmen, guitars, squirrels, giraffes, hearts, etc. Now, we are focusing only on geographical appliqués. For the love of place.

With items starting at $15 and deeper discounts given on bulk orders, it is affordable to give handmade, custom items to your beloveds this holiday season. And! For the next week, you get 10% off your purchases and free worldwide shipping. No coupon code necessary. Click to shop.

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In today’s mamalode.com column, I wrote about last week’s road trip. About enjoying the journey. Click to read mama digs: unfolding.


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