Boo from Red Lodge

At the last minute, Andy couldn’t join us to Red Lodge so it was just the girls and I who drove east to his mom’s house. We were a total junk show trying to get out the door but we did indeed get out the door and, once we cruised under the bright, clear day toward our family and friends, the junk show chaos evaporated as an unimportant memory.

The night before we left Andy asked me to secretly ready the girls to trick-or-treat at our house. He had a special something and wanted to see them in costume. We snuck around, painting faces and getting dressed. We slipped out the back door and excitedly knocked on the front door where papa was *so* surprised to find a princess and a pink cat on the front steps.


We stopped in Bozeman, the half way point. It was Halloween. The kids needed a break from the car seat confines and we talked about finding a park but it turned out that the gas station met our needs just fine. It was 65 degrees (!!) and we had the most fun at the Conoco where Margot and Ruby danced and waved at passers by. The cars slowed and honked. Smiles all around, it was absolutely wonderful. People are awesome.


I wrote earlier in the week about Margot’s shift in costume and my initial resistance. I am SO happy I got over myself. I took her to the fabric store where she picked a sparkly, velvety blue fabric that she hugged all the way home. She instructed how she wanted it to feel and it was my job to interpret her feelings into a pattern. I traced a general shape off of a shirt she really likes and added length so it would “go all the way down to the ground, stopping at my ankle in the front.” She also wanted it to be “straight down and not pouffy but just long and flowey.”


She hasn’t taken it off since Halloween eve. I flipping love how much she loves her dress.

Initially we bought supplies to make a headpiece but then Margot fell in love with this silk number at Walking Stick so we bought it! It’s made by Sarah’s Silks (both businesses are dig sponsors. Use coupon code DIGCHICK for 20% off at Walking Stick and code DIGTHIS to get 10% off your purchases at Sarah’s Silks).

Ruby chose a fluffy hot pink fabric for her cat costume. I made a simple a-line tank dress that she could wear over her puffy coat and pants (using a ‘pattern’ similar to the one I outlined here). Her tail is a covered coat hanger and her ears are sewn on two sides, turned and then slipped over a satin headband. She rather loves playing the part of a cat, meowing all over town.


Turns out we didn’t even need any of the coats, mittens, hats and long underwear I packed for Halloween night. Man, I was all prepared for chilly temps and it was downright balmy.



The rest of our trip has been about friends and shared meals. And, speaking of shared meals, my heart is racing right now because I just bought my first ever hunting tag. Yep, I’m heading out with my uncle and cousin in a few hours hoping to return with deer for my family and many shared meals. Yikes, I am excited and nervous. And very thankful to be doing this with my family. Rest assured you’ll be hearing more about this.

Raise the roof, friends.


22 Responses to Boo from Red Lodge

  1. I stopped at that Conoco many times driving from Denver to Kamiah, Idaho many times before we moved to Portland!
    Good luck with the hunt. I have never shot anything with a gun, but have been on many hunting trips with my dad and husband in my 37 years. I just shoot photos with my camera!

  2. Melina says:

    oh Nici, that picture of the Princess with her arms up, dancing at the Sonoco station with the gas pumps in the background? That picture is heart stopping. It is so friggin awesome.


  3. Oh, I adore your princess and cat! Juniper turned 3 this year, old enough to have an opinion about her costume, so we just began the long, exciting tradition of making her Halloween costume dreams come true (inspired by you, of course). This year was easy for me: a black bear. She was, to be specific, “a friendly, baby black bear.” We chose the fabric and made the costume together. SO FUN. Also, to imbue some meaning into the Halloween days, we are celebrating our first Dias de los Muertos tonight. I’ve always wanted to start this with my kids and now is the year.

    Good luck hunting! I *know* how you’re feeling. I was a vegetarian for 10 years before I started hunting. I spent a lot of time hunting with my then-boyfriend (now-husband), but ended up killing my first mule deer completely alone. (Long story.) Man, I don’t know if my heart has ever raced so hard. It still does, every time. Everything in this world–life, death, food, beauty, wildness–is all wrapped up into that one moment. It’s real. It’s hard. It’s worth it.

  4. Julie Lyons says:

    I love the costumes. I love that you made them (of course you did !) Halloween has gotten so commercial and uncreative.

  5. Jenn says:

    You never disappoint with the costumes. They are awesome! I love how personal they are. Have fun hunting! You are braver than I.

  6. SmithShack71 says:

    Very cool and sweet that Andy was Trick-or-Treated.
    Sweet pics!


  7. Ciara says:

    Awesome costumes, I wouldn’t want to take them off either!
    I love the shots where Margot has her back to the camera, she looks so little and the world looks so big. Beautiful!

  8. TRB Holt says:

    Wow….I love the costumes! You done did good sweetie!! I did not realize Andy did not make the trek….bummer for all’.

    Hunting…..amazing! The last time I fired a rifle was high school. You are learning from the best….can’t wait to see photogs I asked Uncle Skip to document…… XO

  9. mumofsix says:

    The costumes are, of course, amazing! I love the colour of Margot’s dress. She looks just like a medieval princess. I’m not surprised she doesn’t want to take it off. I’m off to my 6 year old’s medieval banquet at school in a few weeks. I could do with your sewing skills!

    Love their dancing. Not surprised that people honked and waved. People are kind on the whole. Yes. Xx from England

  10. I love how you find fun everywhere you go.

  11. Jackie says:

    I read your last post saying you would be in RL. I happened to be up there on a last minute road trip with my 1 year old today. We were shopping in a store and a gal was saying her little girl’s name was Ruby and I had a weird sense that it was you, although I have never met you! Turns out it wasn’t you (which you know), but that would have been a very bloggy coincidence. Happy friday, good luck hunting!

  12. ctb says:

    i just had the longest hardest emotional day. so happy to come home to this as i have been dying to see what you did for halloween. what a joy, reading your blog. so thankful for your space here. made my whole day! and those girls, dancing and waving. too cute. raise the roof indeed.

  13. KWQR says:

    Oh little pink kitty! You made my night. Great job on the costumes Mama… you are amazing. Happy hunting!

  14. Laura says:

    I love the costumes that you made for your girls. Have fun hunting! I remember the first time my day took me out, it was awesome and I was both excited and nervous. It is one of those things I really miss about not living in MT or in Zoo Town.

  15. kate says:

    Your girls are just pure delight. Thanks for sharing them!

  16. Simply Live says:

    I love that you encourage your girls to continue to be true to themselves. Their free spirits and that of their Mama is apparent.

  17. Tammie says:

    I love it when children are so into their costumes that they want to keep them on for days, so sweet. I also LOVE when a mom takes the time to make them for them because everyone can go buy them but it comes from the heart when you put your time into making them and they love them so much. It shows just how much they really loved them in your pictures. I’ll be waiting for the deer pictures. Good Luck…

  18. Zoë says:

    Margot’s dress makes me swoon (my Ruby would LOVE it) and Ruby’s pink kitty costume maes me giddy. Your girls are so joyful. The more I read your blog, the more I think about taking up sewing and making costumes for my kids because they love dressing up. I just need to take the leap and learn.

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