umi moo, a coupla giveaways for you

Tonight, I bring you two giveaways, courtesy of Umi and Moo.

Umi kindly sent my girls each a pair of shoes. Margot chose silver mary janes and Ruby chose knee high butterfly boots. Not all kid shoes are created equal and with my running, climbing kids, I seek good shoes on their wee, growing feet. Umi makes good shoes, I think. And, well, my girls really love their new kicks. Thanks, Umi.

:: :: ::

I’ve admired moo business cards for a while now, especially the mini cards. I like that the use of less paper, the unique size, high quality stock and the print quality. Courtesy of moo, I uploaded a handful of photos and designed the back right on their site. It was very easy and fast. Voila, business cards that feel just right for my business. And they arrived in the sweetest boxes. Thanks, moo.

TWO of you lucky ducks will win. Leave a comment yo*. (comments closed)

  1. One person will win a $65 gift certificate to Umi.
  2. One person will win 200 moo mini cards.

ALL of you get these deals:

:: Use coupon code umi10 to get 10% off your purchases. (free shipping, free returns too)
:: New to moo? Use code 2RB2CK to get 15% off your first purchase.

*TERMS: Winners randomly selected on the morning of Friday, November 23 and announced HERE in this very post, at the bottom. Winners will also be emailed. If the winner doesn’t claim their prize within two weeks, I’ll randomly select another.

Winners! Congrats, you two.

Umi winner: #84:
Moo winner: #184:

187 Responses to umi moo, a coupla giveaways for you

  1. DeRae says:

    Those butterflies on the boots are awesome! :)
    Thanks for another great giveaway opportunity.

  2. Lashley says:

    I designed some moo cards a while back but never pulled the trigger. Free beautiful business cards could be the ticket out of this photography slump I’m in!

  3. Jessi says:

    ooh love the mini cards!

  4. Crista says:

    Umi, boots especially, would be awesome for my PNW, hard on her shoes, 4-year-old!

  5. Oh man! 2 amazing giveaways in one! And indeed, all kids shoes aren’t made equal. I love the new business cards. So perfectly you & Dig! : )

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I love quality shoes for my girls. My girls wear the heck out of their shoes(just like their momma :)). Moo is also amazing, I bought my first set of green business cards about a month ago and they were so hard to give away because they were so pretty!

  7. calisa says:

    ooohh the shoes would be lovely for my little girl and a nice happy birthday present to me:)

  8. Dana says:

    Love, love, love these!

  9. Jenn says:

    My 2 1/2 year old loves shoes and would be very excited to choose a pair of fun new shoes – she’s only had hand me downs and consignment finds so far (not that these haven’t all be pretty awesome shoes too!).

  10. Rebecca says:

    I like those tiny little cards.

  11. jenny cundy says:

    Oh my goodness! I adore their shoes and my girls would be overjoyed. :)

  12. Morgan says:

    Nice shoes for boys are hard to come by.

  13. Shannon says:

    LOVE the shoes. The cards are absolutely adorable!

  14. Karoline says:

    Umi shoes are adorable…stylish and healthy for little feet. I’ve had postcards printed via Moo; would love to try their business cards, too!

  15. Christal says:

    Love them. If I win the shoes, please could we send them to a friend from school with little children and little money. She could use a day brightener. I’ll provide her e-mail privately if I win. Thank you.

  16. Kristin DeGraff says:

    Love the boots….and the cards….sweet!

  17. You this writing is very good, I love it.

  18. Lisa says:

    Umi shoes look awesome, especially like those silver Mary janes

  19. Rhi says:

    Oh my daughter would choose silver mary janes too! LOVE! And the cards are so great too. :)

  20. Your girls are freakin’ adorable! I love their unique personalities and style choices. Thanks for the giveaway choices :-)

  21. The silver Mary Janes are to.die.for. I’m sure my little man would pick something different, though. :) My talented photographer hubby would have some great shots for some moo cards.

  22. Kristin says:

    There is nothing cuter than little shoes. Love the Mary Janes!!!!!

  23. Marlene says:

    Sign me up, yo!

  24. Katie says:

    Love Mary Janes and quality shoes!!

  25. krista says:

    How exciting! Either prize would be a terrific treat, thanks for the chance!

  26. jamie says:

    Can I get a pair of shoes my 2.5 yr old won’t grow out of? :)

  27. Ooooh I love. The shoes and the cards.
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  28. Carol says:

    Such great giveaways…thanks for the chance to win! It would further extend my birth-week celebrations!

  29. cheryl says:

    i just discovered moo recently, ordered their circle stickers, which i love! thanks for a great giveaway. the girl’s shoes are amazing…

  30. Jeanne says:

    I have fallen in love with moo years ago and always wanted to give them a try. And kids shoes are seriously the bane to my existence! Four kids, all growing like weeks, and my inability to say no to muddy puddle jumping…well, our shoes are kind of interesting!

  31. Katieruth says:

    I love moo business cards! I have not been able to justify the purchase yet since my business cards double as tags (Wipey Wallets), but it doesn’t stop the lust. The have some great stock designs to pick from. I can picture images of Wipey Wallets on the business cards now… And the shoes; a little disappointed they are in kid sizes. It would only further my child’s shoe fetish, but I guess I’ll share. Thanks for the giveaways!

  32. Kristen says:

    Love the boots and the maryjanes! Your children are so precious. Great giveaway!

  33. Those business cards are absolutely adorable. I don’t own a business but perfect for contact information.

  34. Leighann Sammons says:

    Oh we love ourselves some Umi shoes around here too. That and Livvie and Luca! It can’t get any better than that in my 3 year olds opinion. Thans for the opportunity and thanks for the opportunity to “watch” your beautiful life and family on this blog. I smile so much sometimes just reading the girls conversations. Have a beautiful and serene day!

  35. Christine D. says:

    Love UMI shoes and love the knee high boots – what a little fashionista :)

  36. Sara says:

    My 3 year old daughter said Margot should dance “lots and lots of twirls and jumps ’cause her shoes would sparkle in the sun” and that Ruby’s butterfly boots are “beautiful”.

  37. Stef says:

    Such fun stuff! My kids (got four of ’em, ages six and under) would all love the shoes. I love the “unbusiness-y” cards!

  38. jen says:

    thanks for the chance…love the cards from moo…

  39. Cassie H says:

    I am so glad you posted this! My 19 month old daughter is flying through shoe sizes, we are up to almost an 8 now, and I have been searching for a good pair of shoes since we are only buying one pair per size now. thank you!

  40. Trbholt says:

    Silver Mary Janes & Butterfly Boots of course they did! and what great choices they made too!
    Love looking at some of your hard work compiled in one spot…the moo mini cards accent your labors of love quite nicely!

    ps….35 days and counting Ho Ho HO!

  41. Gwynne says:

    My very first granddaughter is due in March. All the infant shoes are too cute!! Love the Darena boots though.

  42. Bonnie S. says:

    Love the shoes and cards!

  43. Jenelle says:

    I would love a pair for Umi shoes for my sweet girl!

  44. Samantha says:

    My little girl has been asking for a pair of rain boots for months! I’d love to have Santa bring her a pair from Umi!

    Also, um hello. It’s easy to have gorgeous business cards when you take such gorgeous photos! I do love the size of them. So unique and less likely to just get stuffed in a pocket and forgotten about until it tumbles out of the dryer three days later.

  45. Lisa B says:

    Love how close your girls are — but yet, have their own tastes :)

  46. karen stapley says:

    I love Umi shoe’s! So cute and durable. And how awesome are those business cards! Saving trees and producing beautiful, Win Win to me…

  47. Kelsie says:

    Way cool shoes!!

  48. Amy says:

    My daughters, who are now 5 ands 3, both wore Umi for their first shoes. Love the quality of the shoes as well as the darling design work.

  49. Holly says:

    My nieces would love those butterfly boots!

  50. Analise says:

    Super fun! Those shoes are awesome!

  51. Jamie says:

    super fun giveaway! thank you so much!

  52. Beautiful shoes, beautiful business cards! Love reading about you and your wonderful little family. Thanks for your blog, it makes my day.

    Love and Happiness from NS, Canada

  53. erika says:

    Ooh I would be stoked to win those awesome cards! Xo

  54. Michele says:

    So fun! Love the cards and your sewing is beautiful!

  55. Brianne says:

    I just LOVE your blog! I have 2 girls almost the exact same age as yours and I love your perspective– some days I need it :) They also love looking at the pictures of your girls! We would LOVE some cool new shoes! I will be checking out the website now too! Thank you for your blog, I really love reading it! Brianne

  56. Tammi says:

    I’ve used Moo for photo stickers and loved how they turned out. Also scanned my son’s artwork and created sticker books for him to use and gift to his friends. Super cute stuff. And the silver Mary Janes? Margot has great taste! I’d love to send a pair to my niece in New York. Very chic. Crossing my fingers!

  57. Jen M says:

    Adorable shoes…they look so comfortable. And those business cards are just perfect for you! Love it all.

  58. Mattie smith says:

    I am loving those business cards!!!! Designing my dream cards right now… Thanks & blessings for a beautiful thanksgiving celebration. xo

  59. Mistene says:

    I love those boots!!! I think they should come in adult sizes. :)

  60. Katie T. says:

    Love the shoes and the cards!

  61. Stephanie neumayer says:

    Ahh!! Love the brown boots!! But I love the sparkles too! Wonder which one miss ava would pick… And I do need some new card for my *goods*

  62. Carrie says:

    Love the butterfly boots, and could see my little one running around in those. And I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

  63. Becky says:

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Take time off! I know I am. xo b

  64. jaymee says:

    no whammies! no whammies! : D

  65. Rebecca says:

    Moo cards are great and you should check out their stickers too! I’ve had them made for the office and they are fantastic.

  66. Kristina says:

    YO! I’d like to win :)

  67. Fabulous! Thanks, Nici for the chance to win!

  68. Lisa says:

    I love Moo cards! They also make great “mom” cards to share with other moms.

  69. Erin L. says:

    Thanks! Those shoes would be pretty great to win!

  70. Mary Kehl says:

    I want a pair of those butterfly boots!

  71. Erica says:

    Yeah!! Great giveaway!!

  72. What adorable give aways! Enjoy your blog

  73. Alyssa says:

    I’ve received a couple of those MOO cards and loved them! Would love to make some of my own!

  74. sarahkeith says:

    cool! I love both of those companies! love your blog too :)

  75. Alma says:

    Ohh my little one could use some pretty boots that are also functional… and those cards are great! Awesome holiday giveaway!

  76. Molly says:

    Those business cards look splendid!

  77. Angie says:

    I checked out that website for the cards and those are really cool. Really reasonable. Especially since you can design yourself. I pay that for the standard nothing card. As much as I would love to win some free biznass cards, (yes, I said biz n ass) I’ll tell ya… I’ll be getting in touch with them sometime sooner than later, I hope. I really love ’em.
    Thanks for the info.

  78. Krystal says:

    I love these shoes! I hope I’m the lucky duck!

  79. Leigh says:

    Oh, I would love some new kicks for the boys! Hope I’m a lucky girl.

  80. Rachel Daly says:

    LOVE the shoes and the cards!!!

  81. Kwqr says:

    Love the photo cards!!!! I’ve seen them around & have been meaning to find out where to make them. And my dudes would love some new cool shoes. Fingers crossed!

  82. Joy says:

    would LOVE a good, well-made pair of shoes for my little one in the upcoming colder months. and don’t worry, I can find a use for some printed cards too! :)

  83. Nikki says:

    Those biz cards are gorgeous! I’d like to join the giveaway. Thanks for asking! :)

  84. Maggie Stewart Best says:

    Oh, Margot and Ruby. Y’all make me want to be a better person. And those cards are awesome!!

  85. Morgan says:

    You introduce me to the most fabulous stuff! Plus a give a way! Doesnt get better

  86. Elizabeth says:

    Looks like a great pair of shoes–would love to see my little one’s smile with those on! Please enter me in both giveaways. Thanks! and Happy Thanksgiving!

  87. carrie z says:

    Love the cards! Did I see your potholders on This Old House?

  88. Britta says:

    Oh, those shoes are so cool! Well made cute shoes? Yes, please!

  89. Aimee says:

    Wow! I would love, love, love some Moo mini cards!

  90. Tina says:

    Oh my! I absolutely love Umi shoes and would love some for my little loves. But on the other hand, some funky new business cards for my photography business would also be wonderful! Two awesome giveaways. Thanks, dig!

  91. Darby Bramble says:

    Six little feet, thirty pudgy toes, my three kids could use those shoes, even in the Helena snows…
    Sign me up for both give-aways por favor!

  92. Jillian says:

    Wonderful shoes and lovely cards.

  93. Janna says:

    Cute shoes and nice cards! Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. Jesse B. says:

    Oh man, I love Ruby’s boots! And the cards are so great!

  95. finny says:

    Oh man – I love Moo, too. I have their full sized business cards but I’ve been eyeballing those mini cards. I think they’d be great for events. With all the photos you have – I bet it was hard to choose which ones to put on the cards. I spent, like, days, curating the backs of my cards with *just the right* photo.

    It got crazy.

  96. Julia says:

    I love Umi shoes! My 19 mo old daughter has a serious shoe fetish too.

  97. My little guy needs some sturdy new shoes for all our wet, wild, and wooly outdoor adventures. What an intriguing company, from just up the road in WI no less… And Moo cards, fun and handy.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  98. Lucy says:

    Love these giveaways. I have been eyeing moo cards for a while – I think it’s time to take the plunge.

  99. Tara says:

    I have been wanting to order the mini moo cards for awhile. I already get regular size ones from there. We can never have too many shoes with three daughters in our house! Thanks!

  100. pulverschwein says:

    Ooooo! Love the shoes! Do they make them to fit “big girls” like me? I want some butterfly boots!
    Love the cards too and all the lovlies you have been sewing…..Gorgeous!

  101. Marisa says:

    Oh, my girl would flip for those sparkly silver shoes. So cute!

  102. MT Lee says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Those shoes look fantastic!

  103. adrianairis says:

    I love moo cards and boots and your blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

  104. Salena says:

    LOVE your pictures! I enjoy reading your blog :)

  105. Sara says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  106. Betsy says:

    Love Ruby’s boots!

  107. Being the week of thanksgiving, I want to thank you for the great blogs, photos, inspiring life you live, and winning ops that have served as a great procrastination tool throughout the year. Thankful for the connections I have made through the blogosphere. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  108. Beth S. says:

    Those butterfly boots are ADORABLE! Definitely something my little one would love. The cards are amazing too. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  109. Keri says:

    I am loving the “Cassies” and the “Bodis”
    I need these! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  110. Jenn Kennedy says:

    Beautiful stuff! <3

  111. Anna Trout says:

    You know there is always need for good kids shoes. They go on better and easier and that is such a must! Also love the little mini cards, they do look perfect for your business :)

  112. Ariel says:

    Oooooooooooooooooo, I love Moo! And those shoes are adorbs. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :-)

    PS – Umi & Moo should totally join forces because their names go so well together!

  113. Jenny says:

    I am always trying to find a decent pair of shoes for the kids. They either wear them out too fast or they don’t fit them right. Those are too cute!

  114. Louise says:

    Love those boots! And those silver shoes look so soft. Thanks for sharing!

  115. Kristin says:


  116. Kim Lawrence says:

    With 3 boys, we go through shoes like underwear! Would LOVE some new quality kicks for my littles. Thanks Dig. :)

  117. Laura says:

    Those little cards are SO cute!

  118. I love the Umi shoes and have heard great things about them! Pick me Pick me!! :)
    Thank you!

  119. Christine Holt says:

    My kids could use some new shoes and those rock!

  120. Mami2jcn says:

    I’d love some Umi shoes for my son. Thanks!

  121. Aly V says:

    Great giveaways! I would love to win either!

  122. Dawn says:

    Love both shoes–my girl would love! Cards are so cute as well.

  123. Tiff Findlay says:

    I would love to be the lucky winner of either of those dreamy giveaways. Happy with the discounts too, thanks.

  124. Amy P says:

    love, love, love!

  125. Johanna says:

    ohhh I love those umi shoes. They would be great shoes for my little crazies! Thanks so much!

  126. Stephanie says:

    Love your blog Nici! SO inspiring! We try to eat very healthy too! Would LOVE to win a gift card from umi’s! :)

  127. Kim says:

    I absolutely love the shoes – and so would my daughter!

  128. Suzanna says:

    Nice giveaways! Thanks! And I LOVE the hay bale picture.

  129. meggie t says:

    my youngest daughter loves her umi shoes! so comfy & very well made.
    LOVE the moo business cards! they totally rock customized with your own awesome pics. fun giveaway!
    happy thanksgiving…

  130. Jody jakob says:

    I want to win me some umi moo!!!!

  131. Awesome giveaway. Love the boots. I just won Sarah’s silks though (right?), so count me out on this one : )


  132. sarah says:

    Absolutely love the moo cards. Very dig! The shoes look great too. Love your girls’ choices!

  133. Mum of six says:

    I’m not sure if this in an international giveaway but I just wanted to say how I love that your girls have chosen completely different styles. Such wonderful individuals. Love following them and you!

  134. Krystal says:

    Yesssss! Super excited about this giveaway!

  135. amy says:

    oooooh…. i looooove umi for my littles!

  136. Erin says:

    My daughter’s first pair of real shoes were a pair of Umi pink yellow and orange striped Mary Janes. She hiked in the mountains in those things.

  137. Abby says:

    Oh, I’d love to get my girls shoes for Christmas!

  138. Your girls have such great taste and style! I love Moo and used them for my X-mas card this year. Would love to win one of those amazing prizes. Thanks so much for this great offer, Nici!

  139. ItsAmyTime says:

    Ohhh, I love the shoes and boots!
    So fun!

  140. Sarah says:

    Oh I love those business cards… the girls picked such cute shoes. :)

  141. steph says:

    Two of my favorite things….nice cards and shoes!

  142. D Schmidt says:

    Visited Umi and really like the Tyler in Navy Multi

  143. Whew, looks like you have been busy! The new cards look great and I love the kid commentary posts…

  144. Rachel says:

    Wow, I can see why you love these companies, the quality looks outstanding!

  145. Kate Hamzi says:

    Mama needs some new shoes :)

  146. ellen says:

    Wow, what a winning and practical giveaway. I would love either/or, both/and.

  147. Emily Smith says:

    Love those shoes, love the new website!

  148. Mandi says:

    Ooh! love the cards! I would want ones with your photos though…that’s cool, right? Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  149. Erin says:

    Woohooo!!! Thanks!!

  150. Jess B says:

    Beautiful products! Thanks for the opportunity!

  151. Flora says:

    Cool shoes!

  152. Jen M says:

    My girl would look kickin in those boots!

  153. I am thinking how lovely those mini cards would be as hang tags for my shop! Love your photos and words, always relate to your words!!

  154. Lori says:

    Oh my goodness, what an amazing giveaway! Both Umi and Moo have beautiful products. My bird would love any of the shoes and I would be very jealous of them.

  155. Karisa says:

    Ooo, I love those stacks of goodies all ready to ship…I wonder if my new tea towels are in there… :-)

    Both of those giveaways sound perfect…

  156. Christa says:

    Already love Umi, but new to Moo. . . and it looks like those cards might be exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  157. Michele Chapman says:

    Loving the new kicks on the girls!

  158. very good and cool,thank you for your sharing. Maya Jacke Herren Blau TAXH7147

  159. Eran Pehan says:

    Love the butterfly boots, no girl is too young for some knee high boots:)

  160. Nell says:

    Love, love, love the shoes!!!! And what fun I could have with the cards. Great giveaway!

  161. Dana says:

    Love the shoes! My girls are so picky about shoes (and clothes in general) so we are always looking for fun, comfortable options.
    The cards are great, what a creative idea – I am due for a new set!

  162. court says:

    we LOVE umi shoes… my girl has a pair of her own and a couple hand me down pairs from her cousins, but my boy, poor guy, is in need :)

  163. Megan Rahn says:

    I love the botts Ruby picked! Do they come in my size? Ha!
    The mini cards are great. I love how yours have photos on them. Awesome givaway.

  164. Lindsay says:

    I love the moo minicards!! I am a student midwife and doula, and would love to craft up some cards with bellies, families, and brand-new babes on them.

  165. Nichole MacDowell says:

    Oh Umi shoes! Jealous. :) Hope you guys are set to have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  166. KayDee says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win fun stuff!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  167. Jen says:

    Love the boots! Would love to win some for my girl! Can’t wait to see you again at the Made Fair- I gifted several of your gorgeous potholders last year. Happ Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  168. Jennifer says:

    I love Umi shoes and could use some new business cards:)

  169. Heather says:

    I love Umi Shoes….I so want a pair for my girl!!

  170. Happy Thanksgiving from Moscow, Idaho! Love your blog so much and hope to connect with you someday again – I love this area and you portray so beautifully the splendor of living in this kind of area. Thank you!

  171. Elena says:

    Can I shove my pups into summa doze sweet Mary Janes??

  172. Tiffany says:

    Great giveaways! My daughter would love those silver maryjanes!

  173. Kelly Lundberg says:

    I would love the get some quality shoes for my little girl who’s almost two. It’s been hard finding appropriate shoes for her in the girls section, do people think girls don’t play hard or something? I put her in hand-me-downs from her brother, but it would be super sweet for her to have shoes with some flare!

    I love your blog, it’s great fun reading through your old posts, watching your adorable girls get older, admiring your beautiful photos, and learning so much about my own life while following you on your own journey.

    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  174. Tammy says:

    Love the girls’ shoes and boots! I’ve always admired Umis…my daughter would love a pair. The photo business cards rock as well.

  175. Joan says:

    Love the shoes. Would relish the opportunity to ok out a pair with my sweet girl’s help. We used Moo cards for a project at our wedding. Such fun.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  176. Evan says:

    Oh please, pretty please! Either would be great.

  177. Jaim says:

    I’ve had the worst day and I figure with how things are going I’m bound to win. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and a happy third Birth Day mama! Yeah for butterfly boots and silvery Wizard of Oz shoes.


  178. Oh man. Such cute shoes. My girls would be in heaven!

  179. sarah allison says:

    Cute business cards for my new business :) Happy Thanksgiving :)!

  180. HLN says:

    Great giveaway! Happy thanksgiving, Dig & family.

  181. Sheilagh says:

    Love the boots that Ruby picked, my girls would love a pair. Great business cards, I love the photos!

  182. Meaghan says:

    Hi Nici!

    I love that you let the girls pick their own shoes. so awesome! and what amazing business cards.