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nuggets: cheers

Well hello there. Goodness I have written and deleted about 17 sentences to begin this post, an ocean of thoughts holding, back, waiting to swim into paragraphs. This here, now is the first I've written or even engaged with my computer in eight days. I don't know the last time I took that much time away from the keyboard. I also unplugged from email and social media, other than an occasional photo post on instagram. It's been a restful week that I really, really loved. Family began arriving on the solstice, the day of Continue reading →
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I write down things my kids say every day. Sometimes I add them to my words here or elsewhere and sometimes they stay on wrinkle-softened scraps of paper in my coat pocket until they churn in the wash or blow through a parking lot while I fetch my keys. I found one, a sentence I'd added to my 'notes' in my phone sometime a few weeks ago at a stoplight in downtown Missoula, when Margot¬†cut through the monotonous din of NPR news. "When I die will my heart still beat?" Continue reading →
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shining light

I was feeling a little uncomfortable about the post I had planned for today. I couldn't quite figure out how to move back into Monday after Friday. I emailed the sponsor, Blue Q, asking for ideas and direction; to ask Sara how she, her family and her coworkers are doing. We had a lovely, loving exchange -- me and this woman whose voice and face I do not know but who I've 'talked' with many times. She is struggling as you and I are and as we typed and hit send a few times from across the country, I felt tearful in an achingly good way. There is so much connection and hope and compassion spinning around the world right now. I can FEEL it. Can you? Continue reading →
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I have big feelings and little words regarding today's soul-splitting event in Connecticut. I alternate between sending all my mama love to that community and imagining dark details of how it all went down. It is a mindfuck. I cry. We cry. Today, may all the tears of all of humanity create a bright, warm, alive ocean of hope. In that ocean swing strong waves that hug and move, a symbiotic and powerful tide of peace, betterment and love. Continue reading →
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dig this sponsor: tart

A hearty welcome back to tart! This hip handmade boutique is located just a few hours east of Missoula and proudly features a fabulous selection of Montana makers. Seriously so much talent in our state. And! It's available to everyone! Continue reading →
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