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Are you ready to meet your new favorite slippers?

Hello, Lover.

Every single time my Stull Knits slippers are worn in front of others — whether in real life or on instagram — I get questions about them. I don them daily, and have for nearly a year. I wear them outside, even in weather (they have a hand-painted rubber sole!). I always know where they are and when I don’t the whole family searches. All of this is to say: these beauties last. I am hard on my stuff and these slippers keep up with me.

Funny Aside: I ‘met’ Raecale when I ordered a hat from her for my husband. When trying to decide if it’d fit over his big head and bigger hair, she sent me a hilarious series of photos featuring her husband wearing a bunch of different wigs and the hat. I was sold. On the hat and her shop. 

My beloved slippers have formed to my feet; a perfect wooly hug around my funky toes. I sincerely, truly love love love these slippers and will have a pair for the rest of my days.

You lucky ducks get 10% off your purchases with coupon code IFOLLOWDIGS10! Stull Knits has a variety ready to ship, so go on and shop. And! Buy *now* (make a purchase by Tuesday, 12/11. Yes, you can use coupon code) and your name will be tossed into a giveaway pool to receive a free pair of slippers in New Year!

Thank you, Stull Knits!

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