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this season’s greetings

Today, I shipped the last of my orders!!!! High five, cheers, heel click, herky. I am pretty impressed with us -- the three of us stitching and shipping nearly 1000 pieces in just over a month. And with only two packages lost, and a few wandering around to the wrong homes, I am declaring victory! I hope all your loved ones adore their dig goods. We had so much fun making them, for the love of place. Thank you for supporting us and our families. Now, I get to turn my energy to making gifts for my own people! Margot's birthday is tomorrow and I never did finish Ruby's birthday whale. Because mama didn't/won't have birthday love made on the birthdays, we will have a little solstice birthday celebration where the girls will get their gifts from me. Also, daddy bought them these sequined vinyl cat purses they've been coveting so I'm pretty sure they didn't/won't notice the lack of my hippie handmade creatures. Margot wrote a letter to Santa asking for a little pillow and a little baby unicorn. Ruby didn't write a letter but feels certain he just knows what she wants. Thankfully, she told me so I can pass it along. Ruby would like a giant glittery, shiny watermelon that she plans to share with our whole family on the living room floor by the fire on Christmas morning. Also: how do you guys do/not do the Santa thing? Remember how I was all freaked out about my own childhood traumatization in finding out the TRUTH? I'm in a good place with it now. Here's my approach: I don't lie. So, my kids ask questions like How does Santa make it to all the homes in all the world in one night? or Does Santa live forever? or Is Santa for real REAL? And my response to it all: Hmm. What do you think?  It works well for us. They form their opinions based on their imagination, not my words. We end up having some of my favorite conversations about magic, belief and hope. Continue reading →
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WRITE. a doe bay workshop.

I am honored (and a little terrified, to be honest) to be a presenter at the 2014 Write: Doe Bay! It's a writers retreat on Orcas Island -- a creative channel where ocean, food, storytelling, music and authenticity shine. I am one of several presenters Continue reading →
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the luckiness of this

I am leaning in to the busyness that is my business right now. Andy asked me a few nights ago, as I crawled into bed at 11 and set my alarm for 4:30, how's it all going? And you know what word popped into my brain? Grace. I feel like I am really realistic and enthusiastic about what is achievable, both with work and in life. And, by that, I don't mean I feel like I am pulling it all off. Simply, I understand my strength; for the first time in my life I am not planning to lift 700 pounds and then feeling blue that I only lifted 350. I still aim high and I'm cool with what I don't lift. I could shower more often and I could really use some exercise and I miss seeing my friends all the time and holy shit we need to mop. And, with way more orders than we've ever had before, I am learning a lot about how my business is run and where I'd like it to go (hello! I need to loosen my grip on every. single. detail. and let my awesome employees take hold). But! I am so proud that I feel a little bit graceful!!! Because that was my GOAL for this 35th year of my life - to approach my day to day with more grace and less bulldoze. 1 & 2. hot cocoa after a chilly walk home from school I really adore decorating and getting all holiday crafty this time of year. It hasn't happened much yet but I've squeezed some holiday bling into small windows of time. It was -28 degrees yesterday and is -12 today and Andy convinced me it was too cold to go on our annual pilgrimage to our friend's cabin to cut our tree. It really did take some convincing; I was ready to be the optimistic one promising hot cocoa to my oompa loompa-bundled children while daddy sawed. Unwilling to wait another week, we bought our little tree just down the street and spent last night prancing, stringing and hanging. Continue reading →
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What wonderful enthusiasm for the first ever rainbow friday! The participating businesses are smiling and I just know you will love your new goods. Ok, alright, the winners already. Continue reading →
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rainbow friday

This is not a sponsored post. Here at dig, we are adding some color to Black Friday. For one day only: a collection of deals and free stuff brought to you by your neighbors. Small businesses with big hearts. Whether the midnight shopping spree is your thing or sleeping in is your thing, this is for YOU. R A I N B O W   F R I D A Y Each of these rad businesses is offering three things: A great deal. Read more under each business about how to redeem their offer. A giveaway. Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win one of the 20 things pictured! The heartwarming assurance that you are supporting a person who supports their family by doing what they love to do. They make stuff. They sell handmade stuff. They choose responsible, sustainable practices that have a positive impact on your family and in your community. >>>>> Leave a comment for a chance to win one of the 25 awesome things below! One winner will be selected for each item on Monday, December 1. That's 25 winners! xo <<<<< 1. EARLYWOOD giveaway: one of only 3 existing (and not commercially available yet) LARGE classic ladles (instead of the MEDIUM classic ladles sold on the site) deal: 30% off of all orders. Use code BLACKWOOD. 2. STULL KNITS giveaway: Felted wool slippers. These fantastic slippers are knit up, stitched together, felted, and dried. I then paint the bottoms with a natural rubber for traction, also durability. deal: Get a $25 off coupon when you spend $35 or more. Use code IWON25WITHDIGS. 3. FEELEEZ giveaway: Feeleez poster/chart set. The set includes the classic Feeleez poster with all 25 emotion illustrations, it's big and colorful and perfect for using as an avenue for empathy, plus three new "emotional anatomy' charts that explain the nature of emotions and how they work in the human body. deal: 50% off all posters/charts in our store. Keyword: DIG 4. COURTNEY BLAZON giveaway: five pack of holiday cards deal: Buy one, get one t-shirt, various designs! Email Many designs to choose from, printed on tri-blend Canvas or Bella t-shirts. 5. TART giveaway: A print by Annie Bailey. It's a reproduction of an original painting titled "Turning Point" by White Sulphur Springs tartist Annie Bailey. 8" x 10" archival print, ready for framing. deal: free notecard with every print purchased. Notecard will be by the same artist or one very similar in style. Enter DIGFRIDAY in the order comments at checkout on the website (or mention it in person or on the phone). 6. STARRY KNIGHT giveaway: 6-12 months (5inch) BISON soft soled leather shoes. Super soft shoes with elastic backs to stay on your little ones feet when crawling, walking and playing. deal: 30% off orders of $40 or more coupon code DIG30 7. MELODY JOY giveaway: one cowl and one piece of nest jewelry. Jewelry: for the mama bird in your life; beautiful freshwater pearls carefully wrapped and handwoven become an elegant and unique piece. Cowls: handknit and versatile! deal: buy-2-get-1- free on all nest jewelry and all cowls are discounted 8. TOOTSABELLA giveaway: The Princess Ella Crown. This exquisite handmade crown will make the perfect gift for any everyday princess in your life. These crowns are meant to be played with, and are constructed for that purpose. Made with soft quality cotton fabric to insure the crown will be comfortable after hours of wear. deal: 20% off purchase of one crown CODE: SMALLBIZ20 30% off purchase of two or more crowns CODE: SMALLBIZ30 9. B. HANDMADE DESIGNS giveaway: RASPBERRY JAM - Flannel Circular Scarf Super soft flannel, raspberry red/pink and black buffalo plaid flannel, extra wide. deal: 30% off: use code HOLIDAY 10. LAVA LAKE JEWELRY giveaway: Sterling Silver Tiny Hoop deal: pair of Silver Stud Earrings for the first 10 sales of the day (she will contact each recipient on Saturday) and $10 off any purchase of $20 or more. Use coupon code DIGFRIDAY. 11. MY 3 LITTLE DUCKS giveaway: weighted lap pad. Weighted blankets and lap pads are a simple solution to what often appears to be complex attention, calming, or sleeping difficulties. Give your child or yourself the input he/she needs and watch "miracles" happen. deal: free shipping, use code DIGSHIP. 12. A KITCHEN BOX giveaway: A December box! A Kitchen Box is Kitchen Inspiration in your mailbox and your Inbox. Each month AKB curates a box built on a new theme. The boxes include: Heirloom quality letter pressed recipes, Postcard with Original Art, Artisan Edibles, Useful Kitchen Tools, Music for your Kitchen Playlist. deal: Free December box and $10 off with any 6 month subscription purchase (Jan-Jun) using the promo code: DIGAKB. The December box stays a surprise until the 10th, when it ships. 13. SARAH'S SILKS giveaway: Four seconds grab bags - one per person: prince dress-up bag (includes a silk tunic with cape, a crown and a small toy), princess dress-up bag (incudes a rainbow fairy skirt, crown and silk purse), playsilk seconds bag (includes 5 playsilks), and baby blanket seconds bag (includes one star silk blanket). Comes in a bag tied with a pretty ribbon, perfect for gift giving! deal: free streamer or sword with every order over $50. Great stocking suffers! To claim write in the comments of your order: DIGTHISCHICK and "I wish for the...."(blue sword, red sword. star streamer, rainbow streamer, heart streamer) 14. MADDIE AND SOPHIE giveaway: kid care pack: all 4 full-size kid care products: gentle cleanser, kid care essence perfume oil, moisturizing butter, skin soothing oil. All maddie & sophie products are gluten-free, vegetarian, and chemical-free and are made in the USA. deal: 30% off your order (excluding shipping) with the coupon code CHICK. List the code in the comments on your paypal order and you will be refunded. 15. ANGLE 33 giveaway: Wine Thermal. You choose color and one of three sizes. The perfect gift for anyone who appreciates wine! Angle 33 Wine Thermals retain optimal temperature of white wine, red wine and champagne while being served in any setting, plus they just look cool! deal: Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY13 for $14.99 of all Thermals. 16. WALKING STICK giveaway: scrappy cat doll deal: 25% off your entire order. Free shipping on orders over $50. Use code DIGCHICK25. Also: Orders of $50 or more will receive a free Bare Book with a set of 4 colored pencils or a Wooden Top made by The Original Tree Swing (just need to leave your choice in the comment section) 17. URBAN BABY BONNETS giveaway: Your choice of a modBonnet or modCap. Often imitated but never duplicated in style, functionality, fabrics, design, or craftsmanship, the UB2 bonnets are cool, fun, funky, functional, super-cute and distinctively original. They're a postmodern twist on an heirloom classic! deal: first 10 people who spend $50 or more during the shopwide sale (up to 75% off!) will also receive free shipping (in the US only) with the code UB2LOVESDIG. 18. LILIAN EVE DESIGN giveaway: Your choice of color block color combination for the oversized, chunky wool blend cowl. It's handmade, wool blend, thick weave for winter with lots color combination options; a perfect staple piece for your winter wardrobe. deal: 30%off: use code LEDNDIG4U 19. PIPER & PAISLEY giveaway: Crimson slouch hat. Nice, deep, true red. One size fits pretty much everyone! This hat is unlined, decorated and fitted with tucking details in the front, and closed with a finished and gathered hole at the top. It has a softly lined brim, and an interior elastic sweatband for superior comfort and fit. deals: All Etta hats $35, all slouch hats $25, free domestic shipping with code BLACKFRIDAY 20. DIG THIS CHICK giveaway: 2014 Calendar featuring my photos! It's oversized at 18 x 30 inches and printed on glorious paper. I'll even personalize it with a note if you'd like. deal: Free shipping: use code FREESHIP. Buy two get one free! Buy your two calendars and I will send you another at no cost. Continue reading →
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