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Our Wednesday

Wednesday, that mid-week peak, is a favorite for this mama. It's the one day that I am home, with both my girls, just us three. No work, no school, no gymnastics. Usually, we only go places we can walk, if anywhere at all. We definitely don't make plans. I celebrate every iteration of our Wednesdays. Sometimes we do a lot, sometimes we do little. They are a lot like every day; there are easy moments and hard moments. There is a beaming, wonder-full truth on hump day: My goal is to catch my kids' whimsy and play along. We choreograph, my girls and I, Continue reading →
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a grainy affair

This last week we received our first ever grain CSA. I am freaking out a little bit about it: thirty pounds of ancient and heirloom grains and lentils grown right here in Montana and delivered to us. What a gift! What a fun experiment to learn to cook with new food! What an honor to support this hard-working family! What fun to learn about these grains and beans! the farro seed dates back 20,000 years! The girls and I explored and talked about the dried kernels yesterday. Their enthusiasm met my curiosity and we had a full-blown educational experience at the kitchen table. Continue reading →
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under the big sky

Chaos. It always takes hours longer than we think it will. To get out the door. In the car. On our way. Away. "Are we there yet?" "It's taking FOREVER!" A chorus from the back seat. Harnessed in with blankets, books, water bottles and supreme excitement. And then silence. Two moon-faced daughters asleep behind two sun-warmed parents who enjoy listening to nothing at all for many miles. Continue reading →
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home tour: the girls’ room

I had thought I'd do the tour of our new home some time ago. But then little things weren't just so; I wanted a rug or a light fixture to paint one last thing. In short, I wanted to share our home with you in the way it will be. But then I thought hello, it won't be *that* way for a while and by then it'll be something else. Besides, where's the fun in waiting? I've never liked it. Also, arranging and composing is one of my most favorite things to do. Our home will always be in one place with potential for whatever is next. Continue reading →
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Ruby’s Dolly

I had so much fun making Ruby's birthday doll and love all the questions you've had about her. Happily, I'll dedicate a post to this little stuffed doll Ruby calls Dolly. Continue reading →
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