Our Wednesday

Wednesday, that mid-week peak, is a favorite for this mama. It’s the one day that I am home, with both my girls, just us three. No work, no school, no gymnastics. Usually, we only go places we can walk, if anywhere at all. We definitely don’t make plans.


I celebrate every iteration of our Wednesdays. Sometimes we do a lot, sometimes we do little. They are a lot like every day; there are easy moments and hard moments. There is a beaming, wonder-full truth on hump day: My goal is to catch my kids’ whimsy and play along. We choreograph, my girls and I, like a continuous line drawing. Three pencils hit paper at 7am and their paths weave, interrupt, clash, dance and vibrate off of each other. By day’s end, we’ve an honest sketch of us, now.

On Wednesdays, I am the luckiest.


Today, my daughters and I:

:: Fetched coffee beans, stayed for a hot bev.


:: Spontaneously hit the museum on the way home and had a grand time exploring, made it though my 15-minute talk with Ruby about the necessity of shoes in snow.


I’ve decided five-year olds are exactly like art critics: confident in their viewpoint, hilariously succinct and awesome to witness.


:: Played a unique hybrid of The Three Little Pigs and The Wizard of Oz, Montana style. I was cast as the big bad wolf who gets too hot during the day and melts when I drink water. So I am often thirsty. There are hunters. Ruby is the weak pony who the wolf wants to eat. Margot is the farmer who enjoys decorating, protecting the pony and provoking the wolf.

This barn and animals, a gift from friends. They scored it at a thrift store, no less.


Margot: Mama, I mean Mr. Wolf? Do you see anything right here or do you just love my beautiful decoration?


Ruby: Tee hee hee. Snort.
Me: Hmm, do I smell a tasty morsel? I am hungry!
Margot: OK, now mom, you are supposed to try to get her but you don’t really. I don’t want you to ruin my art.


:: Shoveled the lead snow from our crazy large driveway. Oh it was so light and airy yesterday when it fell! Plus, I never shoveled the last big snow so we are officially *that* neighbor with the neck-breaking icy drive. Welcome, all, to our cozy home! Nonetheless, I shoveled and the girls made Fairy Pie.

Margot: I really like summer more than winter. Even with the skiing.
Ruby: Yeah.
Margot: I mean, in summer we don’t get wet and cold! And we can SEE dirt!
Ruby: Yeah. You want more butter in your pie, hon?


At sunset, it started raining. I threw in the shovel and we made a snowman.


In an inspired moment, Ruby decided to name him Frosty. She and Margot carefully packed colorful beads down his belly while singing his song. Thumpedy thump thump.


happy hump day out there


:: :: ::

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25 Responses to Our Wednesday

  1. i love how you carve out a day and let them lead, be in the moment. it’s just too damn easy for our nonwork days to be errand days but just too damn important for our littles to have the days be about them.
    this day sounds perfect, right down to new kitty in the barn.

  2. Hope says:

    Ah, I love hearing the conversations that your girls have. They’re so smart and SO funny for their age. Happy Hump Day to you!

  3. mau says:

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now, but had never visited your blog. I’m kicking myself for not doing so before! You’ve got a great blog and I love your outlook on life. :-)

  4. sian says:

    Aw reading that I feel like I just spent the day with you guys and it was lovely. That barn is awesome! xxx

  5. It’s true, without snow, down here in sixty degree Santa Barbara County, you can always see dirt. And dirt is pretty fun, too. But oh, the snow! I could watch that Vine vid you did over and over again. Beautiful. Love hearing those girls’ personalities glow through their dialog. Reminds me of being a little girl and playing with my mom.

  6. Rachel says:

    So cute! It looks like such a relaxing Wednesday…we don’t have snow in LA, obviously, but we’re heading up into the mountains in a couple of weeks, and methinks I am going to make myself a snowman while we’re there…the Minnesotan in me is kinda missing the snow right now. Don’t tell my friends I said that. Also. note that I said snow, not cold. =]

  7. Annie says:

    What a magical day. Makes me want to leave work, go get my kids, and play!

  8. Sara says:

    Aaah, I just love your girls and their conversations!

  9. Daniele says:

    Wed is my one day home all day with my girls too. I am savoring every last one – this fall my girls will be in kindergarten and preschool. No more weekly play-all-day-long-days. Tear *
    Wish we had snow. We’ve had basically none this winter in Chicago. Imo it sucks to play outside in winter without it. I agree, summer is just better.

  10. angelika says:

    LOVE your “barn cat.” Looks like M does as well. :)

  11. finny says:

    Fairy pies! Love that. And the fact that your girls like summer better because they can “see dirt”. :)

  12. Whitney says:

    Something about the way Margot’s hair tucks behind her ear makes her look SO GROWN UP. Your girls are beautiful. Your heart must burst out of your chest on a daily basis.

  13. My friends and I agree, the 3 rules for *being* with your kids: 1) Turn off your phone. 2) Let them lead. 3) Don’t have a plan. I live by this. Funny, before preschool I sought to add structure to our week (swim lessons, story time, that sort of thing) but now that preschool has begun (and it’s only two short mornings a week!) I see our lives becoming more and more scheduled and man, I really wallow in the white-square-on-the-calendar days. I aim for at least 2 per week. I love it. We play inside, we play outside, we never get in the car. This won’t last. I know that. I’m wallowing in it now, as are you!

  14. Jen says:

    I love this for so many reasons. I love your writing and your joy for life. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. If we lived in Montana I would love to hang out. Our kids could all create a fierce game of the three pigs meets wizard of oz. Oh, it is heavenly to imagine.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Years from now, you will look back on these Wednesdays and know that the lack of a plan was the best opportunity to learn and to grow.

    Love and yet a bit envious. :)

  16. Brandi says:

    I love Margot’s reasoning for why Summer is better than winter! I have to agree with her! I don’t like to get cold and wet either. Plus seeing dirt is pretty awesome! :) so smart!

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  18. tl says:

    Hello Dig!
    I love the image of your daughter with the Blindsided cowheads! I am curious as to the succinct synopsis of the work. I created this work and am wondering if it is possible to get you to send me a copy of that image. Would like to share it on fb or on my website, if possible and with your permission, of course. Either way, I’m glad you took time to see the exhibit.

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