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asparagus + brussels sprouts spring salad

Every year come February you'll find my family devouring greens and citrus like lost sailors. We are priming our bodies for what we know is in store, despite the snow storms and presence of winter woolens languishing by our front door: long days with aprons full of tomatoes, rhubarb bouquets and pea forests. For the last two months we've had spinach salad with dinner, every night. No joke. And sometimes for lunch. We like it plain: leaves and dressing. My kids' favorite dressings: Annie's Goddess and Newman's Caesar. Lately, I've been inspired to shake it up and have had made a variety of salads, some good and a few great. This one is pretty great. asparagus + brussels sprouts spring salad Continue reading →
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wishing you all a weekend of

sunshine grubby joy catch me if you can giggles Continue reading →
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dig this sponsor: Maria Dismondy, children’s book author

Extending a big, warm welcome to a new dig sponsor: Award-winning children's book author Maria Dismondy! Maria's mission is to inspire and empower children. This is her favorite quote (and is now one of mine too): I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. - Edward Everett Hale Maria recently resigned from her teaching job of twelve years. It was a huge risk, but traveling to schools and empowering children to be themselves is what she feels she was meant to do. In March last year, she spoke to more than 10,000 students. Although her job as a writer looks very different from teaching first grade Continue reading →
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sowing seeds

There's a reason I have not posted in a week. I've been completely dorking out on growing food. Organizing my seeds, planning my plot; standing in my yard, staring at the weedy brown mess and feeling like I could levitate on hope alone. We established our garden space last May and I sporadically and fanatically¬†tucked some seeds and starts into the soil, completely ignoring the half of the plot that contained weeds growing like, well, weeds. I regularly told myself to take care of the jungle before they went to seed but every time I had time to get in there, I decidedly turned to the tomatoes that needed propping, the beans that needed picking. And so the season ended, the weeds fell from full attention to a winter's nap. They awoke this month with a little posse of weed babies cheerfully waving Continue reading →
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Sometimes I look up and feel certain I'm seeing a cloud for the first time; a fragile quake in the atmosphere pressing my heart to its core. The place where death and life intersect is brilliantly blurry. Time, the most reliable, unbending measure. I found myself tearing up when a friend asked me about Alice last week. She's aging. She was really tired after our last run, we have to lift her into our car, Continue reading →
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