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the love coop and flock, take two (or so)

Meet Rosetta, Sparkle, Cayenne and Tiffany. Our very own gaggle of adolescent birds with stripper names. Margot named Rosetta, Ruby named Sparkle, Andy named Tiffany and I named Cayenne. They are four weeks old now. We've lost six hens since our move. Some to predation, some to illness. It sucks to admit we are down to two chickens: Cup and Cooper. Our system was pretty dang stout and still not enough. We didn't want to get more chickens until we could create a more secure environment. Mostly, we weren't (I wasn't) on top of closing the run at dusk. Several hens were killed in a 30 minute window after the sun went down when I was nearby! Sucks. Margot is very bonded with Rosetta. This chick is happiest in Margot's hands or on Margot's shoulder. So, we imagined the eager thumbs of a raccoon, the body-flattening capabilities of a coyote, the heft of a bear. Ultimately we built a fence and then moved the shebang into our fenced-in yard, under our deck, up against the six foot corrugated metal fence. Because we've had several instances where a very small animal dug under the run, the entire run is wrapped in thick wire fencing (previously we didn't wrap the bottom). Because we still, on occasion, let the girls run about our yard, I set a daily alarm on my phone to remind me to drop everything and shut those chickens in their house. When the alarm sounds, I literally GO that moment. And! Here's our coop. It's a beauty, as is my husband's natural way of doing things. Continue reading →
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dig this sponsor: Popina

We had that one day in Portland last week. Ruby left for the coast with Andy's mom, sister and our niece while Andy, Margot and me cruised around the city. It was fun and so different to be with only Margot. We make an effort to create opportunities for one-on-one time with each of our kids but not one kid with both parents. It was good and we will do more of it. Our time together began with cupcakes and lunch with our dear, inspiring friend Holly. Our next stop was to visit Popina, a swimwear boutique that has been a dig sponsor for the last several years. I'd only visited online and was eager to see the storefront and pick out my new favorite bathing suit. Continue reading →
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Road Trip: Oregon Coast

We have been back for a few days now, from long weekend on the Oregon coast with family. While we are physically in our home Missoula, our brains are still somewhere on I-90. It always takes me a bit to reengage with regular life. Especially after that 12 hour car ride home. We are Road Warriors. Don't let this fool you: Ruby did not resemble this for most of the trip. I had planned to pack last Wednesday but was instead followed my motivation to raise funds and love for Boston. I listed the Geo for Love: Boston shirts that afternoon and woke to orders and amazing notes from all over the country. I am so thrilled to be a part of something bigger with you all and I am trying to balance that excitement with what I can reasonably do. This is hard because I am a YES! person. I decided to list more. They will be shipped in June. I am doing my best to reply to your emails and get you your tees as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience! I love you all. Truly, I do. Oregon was epic. One of those trips where every single moment buzzed with life and gratitude. The view, the company, the weather, the world -- it was all magnificent. We stayed a night and day in Portland and then headed to the coastal town of Pacific City where we stayed three nights. It was all very simple and satisfying. Continue reading →
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Geo For Love: Boston

I woke up yesterday feeling anxious. I was grumpy, funky, snappy. It felt like the last thing I wanted to do but I know better, so I dressed for a run and heaved myself out the door. It was cold and windy. I pushed the stroller up hill, barely moving, breathing hard. It immediately felt good. I love that I am always surprised by that. I thought about the explosions at the Boston marathon and how much it sucks. I thought about how stuff like that happens every day all over the world that I don't know much about. It's hard to know what to do when unimaginable tragedy happens. And yet, I do always want to *do* something. I dedicated my run to Boston, pushing love out toward everyone and everything with my every step. I meditated on love, while talking to Ruby about deer, clouds and pizza. With every step I thought about hugging pain and grief. I pushed loved into the universe with every breath. Because, that I CAN DO. My business donates items and makes charitable contributions to important organizations. But, I want to do more. I've been waiting for something to snap into focus, something that dig this chick can give to regularly, meaningfully and tangibly. On my run, it occurred to me. Love it when that happens. Here at dig, we lovingly craft items, for the love of place. Places break. Places like Columbine, Haiti, New Orleans, Indonesia, Manhattan, Iraq, Newtown. These places and their people rely on our love - yours and mine - to rebuild, to mend. We are all in this together. Today, we are beginning our Geo For Love campaign. We will regularly craft a limited edition item featuring a place that needs our love, a place that we love. We will sew a heart on the hurting place, stitching slowly and thoughtfully. We will sell the item as a fundraising tool, donating profits, combined with all of the purchasers letters of support to a cause. We will begin today, with Boston. Continue reading →
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sometimes I like to hold hands

I have the same favorite date with both of my daughters: a hike. All that open space creates open conversation. She meanders, I ask a question. She collects rocks, tells stories. Margot and I both wanted to get out, Andy and Ruby wanted to stay in. I asked her what we should do. Ride bikes to the river and check it out! We took off, her tiny frame so much bigger than it was last spring. She needs a new bike. Continue reading →
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