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We had that one day in Portland last week. Ruby left for the coast with Andy’s mom, sister and our niece while Andy, Margot and I cruised around the city. It was fun and so different to be with only Margot. We make an effort to create opportunities for one-on-one time with each of our kids but not one kid with both parents. It was good and we will do more of it.

 photo IMG_4126_zps31c0ad1e.jpg

Our time together began with cupcakes and lunch with our dear, inspiring friend Holly. Our next stop was to visit Popina, a swimwear boutique that has been a dig sponsor for the last several years. I’d only visited online and was eager to see the storefront and pick out my new favorite bathing suit. I was bummed to miss meeting Popina owner Will, whom I’ve emailed with for years. We texted while I was in the store. It was cool to get smiley face messages from him while I shopped. :)

The shop was rad with a big ol’ dreamy sewing room in the back, friendly staff and an array of retro swimwear to flatter every body.

I had a personal shopping advisor.

She chose a lime green sting bikini with fringe. I chose something a little different.

I really, really love my new suit! It isn’t listed online but is available for purchase from the Portland store. Particularly, I love that the bottoms strategically hug and cover in all the right places and the top comes in bra sizes (built-in underwire with concealed adjustable back closure!) ensuring a perfect fit. I can lounge in this suit and I can cross Montana rivers in this suit! I feel awesome in this suit.

Popina bathing suits are available locally in Missoula at Betty’s Divine!

Popina rocks. You all have have 10% off your rockin’ suit with coupon code CANUDIGIT.ย And! One of you lucky ducks will WIN your dream bathing suit! Check out the vintage swimwear on Popina. I also adore the Jantzen bathing suitsย (the vamp maillot is a favorite of mine).ย Leave a comment for a chance to win. For fun how about you tell us something you feel happy about right this minute. I’ll randomly select winner on Friday, May 3.

Comments closed. Winner, lucky # 282!!!

Thanks, Popina!

285 Responses to dig this sponsor: Popina

  1. Laura says:

    I feel happy about sprouted almonds!

  2. naomi says:

    I am LOVING their “meet and greet” concept of their two piece suits!

    One thing I’m happy about … my kids have a day off in the middle of this week … AND my Husb will be home for it. AND we’re going exploring. So three things actually that I’m happy about.

  3. Oh I love their suits too! Esp now that I’m two children in, and really need something myself, that is def far from what Margot picked out for you! I love your choice! And sad you missed the owner. One on one dates, I still have to work in. So hard when the littlest still needs me for nourishment. My dates with my big one usually involve short jaunts to the grocery store. Good thing he thinks those are super awesome still! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Jamie says:

    Those suits look awesome! I am happy I found a great new book to read! :)

  5. Lindsay says:

    Love your words, Nici. I’m happy about celebrating 11 years of marriage with my husband. And celebrating with bi-rite ice cream in the Mission (sf) this lovely afternoon!

  6. Allison says:

    I’m happy we had such great weather other the weekend while we started the long process of a new fence to replace our well worn one! I’m also happy my brother and his wife came over to help us!

  7. Kelly says:

    OH! I love these suits! I used to have a red Jantzen one that I loved to death. It lasted years and travelled the world but I continued to wear it during pregnancy and stretched it until it wouldn’t stretch any more. Would love to get a new one. Right this minute I am content with everything and happily thinking about swimsuits honestly.

  8. DeRae says:

    I loved reading about your trip! That swimsuit is AWESOME. Thank you so much for the opportunity.


  9. Kate says:

    I feel happy to be going to bed after a long day at work with the windows open!!

  10. Amanda says:

    I am happy that these high waisted beauties are back in style! Also one of my best friends is having her very first baby tomorrow. Happy happy joy joy :)

  11. Wesley Molloy says:

    Im happy that we spent the day introducing our new baby to her Godmother/aunt. It was special and beautiful!

    Could totally use a cute, new suit that’ll flatter this post-baby body!

  12. Aly V says:

    I feel happy about my lemon tree :)

  13. Stephanie Walsh says:

    I have several Popina suits on my wishlist for our Cape Cod vaca this summer! Ever since first seeing the Popina suits on Kelle Hampton, I knew they were a MUST for a new-mama-bod like mine!! What’s making me happy: 2 weeks til the end of semester 1 of grad school and an entire summer ahead to just love on my two main men (my super handsome husband and my ridiculously good looking one year old!)!! Giddy with the anticipation!!!!! Eeeeek!

  14. Kristin DeGraff says:

    helicopter birthday parties for my 6 yr old

  15. Ticia says:

    I am so happy that we are going home! We have been away for over a year and a half. We tried something new and did what we had to do for our family financially but now we get to go home. I missed it so badly! My son gets to go back to his friends and my little girl gets to go back to her little pink room, which is the only thing she remembers about home. This momma is happy!

  16. Nicole says:

    I celebrated my birthday this weekend! I’m 36 and I couldn’t be happier- bring it! :)

  17. luces says:

    I feel so happy about the sunshine that’s flowing through my window and lighting up my office.
    You rock, Dig!

  18. Kelley Elliott says:

    Happy to be raising six chicks a dog and cat, starting tomatoes and watermelons in my bathroom, living in a farmhouse with a barn, working at my dream job, and trying to get pregnant with my best friend and husband.

  19. Jaymi White Newman says:

    I feel happy about staying up till 4am talking with my dear old friend just now. And about your new swimsuit. I feel like I have to have one!

  20. Annie says:

    The both parents with one child is fun. Doesn’t happen very often, but is rich when it does.
    Right now I feel happy because spring finally sprang in Minnesota this past weekend!

  21. Sarah says:

    I’m happy that the sun in shining! It’s been a long, cold winter.

    Sarah xx

  22. SmithShack71 says:

    I saw Bob Dylan Saturday night. Happy!


  23. Lisa says:

    I’m happy I have just finished sewing clothes for my girl as part of kids clothes week. Phew – her winter wardrobe sorted.

  24. Lola says:

    Happy about the chance to maybe win a popina swimsuit!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jeanna says:

    Omg I looooooooooooooooooove the vamp maillot suit!!!

  26. Honi says:

    This giveaway is going to be super popular but I am going to cross my fingers! My 5 year old Target bathing suit just doesn’t work on my body anymore and running for the last year has earned me the right to feel great in a bathing suit!

    It would be hard to pick one. I like the vintage style, love the polka dots. I would ask Popina which suit would work best with my lack of a chest and go from there.

    Thanks! :)

  27. Ana Dee says:

    My first bit of happy is that I found your website last year and am regularly inspired by your words to be creative and see the world through my kids’ eyes. Second is that I’ve also been eyeing Popina bathing suits and would love the opportunity to win one! :)

  28. Kat says:

    So many awesome suits! Grace, Gina, Vamp, oh my!

    I am happy to be closing on a sweet old farmhouse with 4.5 acres of land ready to be recultivated tucked away in a Vermont hollow this month!

  29. Sara says:

    Right now I am silly happy for cool nights and warm days..i love that slight cold and crispness at night!

  30. Sarah Phillips says:

    I would LOVE to have a bathing suit that made me feel confident and sexy! The post baby belly (even when the youngest “baby” is 5) is so different from the pre-baby belly! Lol! Thanks for the chance of winning one!!

  31. Sarah says:

    I feel happy for the last day of school holidays & a day to spend 1 on 1 with my biggest little fella.

  32. I am happy about finally hanging pictures of my sweet family, and several opportunities to see old friends this week.

  33. Shaama Chahoud says:

    So so so happy that snow is melted and spring is here! Soon time to get the boat in the water which means I’m needing a new suit to go with it!!

  34. Tina says:

    Oh I just LOVE the Popina bathing suits. Have had my eye on them for so long, but could never justify the purchase! Seeing as I’m due with our third daughter in less than 3 weeks, I know I’m going to feel awkward in my current bathing suits. I love the Bridgette Retro Tankini in Red! And as a bonus, I could probably easily pull of nursing in that suit. I NEED it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Claire says:

    I feel very happy to be graduating from the wonderful Warren Wilson College in two weeks!!

  36. Nicole says:

    Oh I really need a new suit! This would be a dream come true!

    I’m am so happy to be right in the beginning of starting our first garden! Seedlings are sprouted, garden is fenced in, kids are running naked up and down the rows, it’s lovely.

  37. Renee says:

    I am happy to be alive; and to be able to share my life with my beautiful family. We all had fun digging in the dirt…turning over our raised beds in our garden today :)

  38. Jenny Gainer says:

    I feel happy right now listening to my percolator heating up on the stove.

  39. Stacie says:

    I’m happy right now about jogs and walks along Lake Michigan. I can breathe there after a long day! This summer, I need a Popina suit to sun there!

  40. Terri Holt says:

    I’m in I could use a suit that will…. “to flatter every body”….THIS body in particular!

  41. Elizabeth says:

    I feel happy about the past weekend. It was busy, yet there was time to relax.

  42. steph says:

    I decided that 2013 was MY year and good things are happening in abundance!

  43. Jane MacDonald says:

    Love the one on one time with children. With four, I find it difficult, but treasure every second of it when I have it. Also, love your new bathing suit. I’ve followed you and Kelle for the past couple of years and have admired her Popina suits!! Have a great Monday!

  44. Jane says:

    Love the one on one time with children. With four, I find it difficult, but treasure every second of it when I have it. Also, love your new bathing suit. :-) I’ve followed you and Kelle for the past couple of years and have admired her Popina suits!! Have a great Monday!

  45. Jane says:

    Love the one on one time with children. With four, I find it difficult, but treasure every second of it when I have it. Also, love your new bathing suit. I’ve followed you and Kelle for the past couple of years and have admired her Popina suits!! Have a great Monda

  46. rachael says:

    I feel happy about being home in Nova Scotia to visit with my parents and family for a few weeks! :) Love Popina and it would be amazing to win one of their beautiful suits!

  47. Dana says:

    Have always coveted these suits! Right now, I’m feeling full and happy the morning after hosting good friends for dinner. People had third helpings of my cooking and my lovely man did all the dishes. A happy Sunday Supper indeed! xo

  48. Jen W. says:

    I feel happy that I’m going to be an aunt any day now!

  49. Shannon says:

    I feel happy about the start of a new week, sunshine, and the chance to win one of these beautiful suits!

  50. Ashley says:

    I feel happy that the weather is warming up and that our family spent the weekend enjoying the sun!

  51. Samantha says:

    I feel happy that, after years of talking about it, I finally have my own vegetable garden in the backyard! Here’s to hoping something grows! xoxo

  52. Katelyn says:

    Love these! I happy that it has finally turned to spring, so my garden is growing and the new chickens are getting a coop this week! (And the kids are getting OUT of their coop!)

  53. Seneca says:

    Discovering my budding seedlings, the smell of warm earth, bare feet in the grass: spring has me so content!

  54. Jen Case says:

    I would LOVE a new bathing suit after my baby comes in July! They are so pretty!!!!

  55. Melissa says:

    I am happy for an upcoming road trip with my family, and that we could get some new Magic Tree House stories on CD from the library for the ride!

  56. Anna says:

    I would LOVE one of these suits!! It would be make me almost as happy as my new little baby scheduled to arrive in July…on second thought, nothing beats that :)

  57. Marti says:

    I’m happy because I get to leave for an all inclusive tropical vacation this Friday! Seriously I can’t wipe the smile off my face!

  58. Cindy says:

    I feel happy, that spring is finally arriving in MI. Getting out on the mountain bike trails, training for my first race of the season- Saturday :)

  59. Britta says:

    I’m happy about our upcoming visit to family in Florida (first time the cousins all meet!). Baby is 15 months old now and I need to face reality and buy a new swim suit rather than wear my maternity suit!

  60. Stephanie says:

    I really need one of these swim suits! Ive had my eye on them for a year and never been able to get one. Also, I love the swim suit your daughter chose:) and that somehow, the way you write about your kids always makes me extremely happy and emotional.

  61. Elena says:

    I love the swimsuits!!! I’ve had the same suit for three years (and through two pregnancies-summer babes) it’s time for a change!

  62. Katie says:

    I feel happy I am able to run through the mountains of Montana!

  63. Jill says:

    I’m happy the weather has finally turned nice!

  64. daniele says:

    I am feeling so happy that it’s spring!! Bathing suit weather ahead!

  65. Dawn says:

    Great suit!

  66. lyns says:

    I am happy that it finally feels like spring here in the Midwest.

  67. Amy says:

    Blueberry muffins on a sunny back deck. :)

  68. Stephanie says:

    Happy I got more work done in the garden this weekend!! Looking forward to warmer days ahead:-)

  69. angela says:

    happy to be sitting in a quiet house, drinking a tea, hoping to win a new swim suit! :)

  70. Teresa says:

    I feel happy I got to sleep in 3 hour intervals with my newborn last night!

  71. Abby says:

    I’m excited about the progress I’m making in my Fitness Challenge at work. It would be great to have new suit to show it off!

  72. Amy says:

    Blueberry muffins in a sunny back deck. :)

  73. dana says:

    Love these suits and I am loving the memories of the weekend

  74. Melissa says:

    I am happy that the sun finally came out this weekend! It was a beautiful weekend in Denver.

  75. Kathryn Caplinger says:

    I LOVE the website and all of the swim suits! What a great giveaway!

  76. Michelle says:

    Raining in my neck of Montana, which means I don’t have to lug buckets to my new plantings!
    Loving April showers!
    Would love a bathing suit that made me feel/look hott ( with 2 t’s!).

  77. Rachel Daly says:

    Ooooo a black swimming suit, love it! And I am so happy to be at home with my daughters today :)

  78. Karen Dabney says:

    As a teacher who takes her special Ed students to the pool once a month, and a mom of two, I’d love to have this swimming suit!!!!! Pick me pick me! It has enough coverage to keep me modest, and still feel cute :)

  79. Tana says:

    I’m happy because the string of hearts I hung is dancing in the warm breeze blowing through my open window. I’m happy it is warm enough to have an open window, even if it is just a sliver.

  80. Tanya says:

    It might be silly, but right at this moment I’m happy that it doesn’t matter what time it is, I can eat my lunch at work whenever I want to (and I’m hungry, so I want to!). Also happy it was sunny for one day this weekend, and we spent all of it outside, my daughter playing and me handstitching her big girl bed’s quilt binding.

    I love the pink and black polka dot Jantzen vamp suit, or the red and white polka dot halter one piece! So flattering and cute :)

  81. Nicole N. says:

    Love Popina suits! Got one about 2 yrs ago and LOST it!! No clue how I managed that!

    Right now, I’m happy for spring and what’s to come. Baby boy due in July so I’m loving all the kicks I’m feeling. :)

  82. Kelli says:

    I’m happy about spring showing up to the midwest yesterday. And about my darling almost 8 month old happy boy, just his existance makes me thrilled! Life is full of many good things. Me in my bikini isn’t one of them though, so I’d love to have a new suit for my new, more matronly but still strong & capable body!

  83. Emily burns says:

    I am happy for baby toes in fresh cut grass! It was finally nice enough in Iowa to cut the grass and I played with my 5 month old all day!

  84. Sara says:

    I am feeling happy about my renewed running addiction. I can’t go too long or too fast but I’m happy to be getting out there again! (And just in time for bathing suit season!)

  85. Angelina taumaoe says:

    I’m happy that summer is right around the corner! Summers in Vegas are stupidly hot, but my kids don’t get sick!!!

  86. Kaydee says:

    Happy for another Monday wake-up down …. Summer’s comin’!

  87. Maggie says:

    You know I’m all about a rockin’ retro mom-suit. Hot diggity!

  88. Sarah says:

    No school today for my kiddos & blue birds in the field.. One more, I woke to a good cup of coffee thanks to Cory. Have a wonderful day Niki!

  89. Mattie Smith says:

    Love your new suit. I am over-the-moon happy about all things spring right now. Coffee on the sunny porch, baby chick integration, rows of tomato seedlings that I lovingly cart inside and out each day, and filthy bath water each night. Lovin life!

  90. Mo B says:

    I’ve had my eye on a few of their suits since I just welcomed my first baby and its time to retire the two-piece!

  91. Amanda Yeagley says:

    As a mom of three I forget the last time I have felt comfortable in a bathing suit. These look great and flattering- I would love to win a suit!

  92. Lindsay says:

    I am happy that summer is just around the corner!!! Also, my 30th birthday :)

  93. Laura says:

    I feel happy about bare baby toes touching the grass, eating supper outside, blowing bubbles in the backyard, and sunshine on my shoulders. Also, I HEART Popina!! Best ever.

  94. Kelsey Imondi says:

    I’m happy that spring has finally arrived in Portland!

  95. Staci says:

    I feel happy about sunshine and building my new garden! And upcoming days of swimming in Maine lakes! Hopefully in a new swimsuit!

  96. Jesse B. says:

    I’m happy about our productive weekend at home; cleaning and organizing, steam cleaning carpets, and wishing I could have had one more day to work on it all!

  97. Kristin B. says:

    For me it would be a toss up between two one pieces, “Samantha” or “Seafolly”. The suits are absolutely gorgeous.

  98. Katie says:

    I’m currently bathing suit shopping, so this would be totally rad! I love the suit you picked out. Loving right now: verdant spring green emerging and open windows/fresh air. xo

  99. Jessie says:

    Open windows, lemon water, a sweet morning text from a good friend, a husband who I miss while he is at work and almost May :)

  100. AngelaB says:

    I am happy for beautiful warm weather. Life is so good!

  101. I need a new swimsuit!!!

  102. Caroline says:

    I’m happy because I know that everything and everyone and every moment is a gift. This blog is a gift, too; thank you for all your creativity and work here, Nici! xo

  103. Mama V says:

    I feel happy about the Montana rain this morning-nothing more rewarding in spring than a nice rain shower !!

  104. Jen M says:

    I feel overjoyed that we are moving into our dream home in NINE DAYS!!!!!

  105. Laurie says:

    I turn 40 this week. Forty. Four-oh. I love the wisdom and calm that comes with age, but honey, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want my 19 year old, pre-babies body back. A fabulous bathing suit that made me feel as confident as a 19-year old strutting the streets of Missoula in a string bikini with an inner tube slung over one shoulder after emerging Bo Derek-like out of the Clark Fork? That’s what I am talking about. A heck of a 40th bday present indeed.

    I feel happy that I just read an email from a dear friend of more than 20 years whom I have not seen in too long. The best start to my rainy Monday morning.

  106. Kristina says:

    I feel happy that its finally sunny and worm outside.

  107. MT Lee says:

    Ooh, please put my name in the hat! Though I have no idea how I’d pick just one!

  108. Whitney McMike says:

    I am happy that there are only three weeks left in what has been an extremely challenging semester!

  109. Emily says:

    I am happy about the grass greening up and blogging! Loved your interview on Mamalode today.

  110. Ginger says:

    I am happy for a rare Monday off work to lay in bed with my little girl, watch movies, swim, and relax – just the two of us :)

  111. Alysa says:

    Feeling happy that the rain is nourishing our newly planted carrot and cucumber seeds, that our kids are healthy and happy, and that our house is home. A bathing suit would be great for our Montana summer vacation! Whoo hoo!

  112. Angela says:

    Right now my oldest of four daughters is preparing to graduate from high school and getting ready to leap off to college! I feel happy to watch her excitement grow as she follows her dream to be a vocal performance major! Just saying it gives me goose bumps!

  113. Jenn says:

    I feel happy that I got to sleep in this morning :-)

  114. Dominique M says:

    I’m happy for my parents! After years and years and years of struggling and doing everything they can for myself & my brother – they’re having a great 2013 so far. Selling their house and planning a happy new home, my dad got a long-deserved promotion & with that promotion comes a trip to Hawaii – somewhere they’ve never been. For that purpose I’d love to win a suit for my mom – just this past Saturday she told me she wished she could find a retro-style suit to make her feel great on her trip, and I recommended Popina (after hearing about them from you & Kelle’s blogs). How funny that you are now doing a giveaway! Fingers crossed :)

    PS the nose-smush-cupcake photo is just too cute! I bet she loved her mommy & daddy day!

  115. Cydne says:

    Love that suit! Need it. What is making me happy at this moment is my 3 year boy trying his hardest to learn the Smooth Criminal coreography:)

  116. Mary A-J says:

    I have been eyeing Popina swimwear for sometime now. They have fabulous suits. :)

    I am loving being active and feeling in shape for the first time in a long while. I am also loving family time! :)

  117. court says:

    I’m happy that our first scheduled beach trip is less than a month away… Not so happy that I have yet to find a suit that fits appropriately after #2 was born, but things are looking up!

  118. Julie says:

    I am happy that I have such a kind and supportive family to help me through a rough separation. I am happy that my one year old son can feel joy through them.

  119. Destiny C says:

    I’m happy that it finally feels like spring outside! And that my husband is home from work, sleeping in our bed even if it it 9:30 in the morning because he was up all night running a train. And my son and daughter have had a peaceful morning (so far), without somebody screaming that the other one is doing this, that, or the other thing that really isn’t a big deal but in a 5 or 2 year old mind it’s the end of the world!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  120. sarahkeith says:

    I like your pick! I am still in that post-partum phase and kinda scared of bathing suit season :) One thing I’m happy about right now is my upcoming vacation to North Carolina! Okay, it’s not until July, but I am already planning and daydreaming about it. Can’t wait to spend 2 whole uninterrupted weeks with my baby girl!!

  121. Monique says:

    Right now, I feel happy that this week I have a DATE night with my husband. It has been a long time and I am really looking forward to it. It may be Monday but that helps!!

  122. Karen says:

    I am happy that I have finished my last long run before my race this weekend. It will be the first of the season and the butterflies are rushing back :)

  123. CMB says:

    LOVING the warmer weather and getting my 3 kiddos some fresh air!! We have two 5 month olds so we’ve been cooped up for quite some time now!!

  124. Cari says:

    After a long refreshing weekend (with plenty of sun and time with my girl) I am happy to be back at work. :)

  125. Corina says:

    I feel happy that spring is slowly arriving to the subarctic of Canada!

  126. Liz says:

    I feel happy that this Virginia gal is visiting Oregon this summer!

  127. Diana Z says:

    I am happy about marrying the man of my dreams in just 34 days!!

  128. Kerry says:

    Ohhh, I so need a new suit for the summer. I am happy for a summer of fun with friends and family and this wildly amusing todder of mine!

  129. Emily says:

    Love the Popina suits. Right now, feeling happy about lots of things, but I am especially happy about the gorgeous spring weather that is FINALLY upon us!

  130. karen says:

    I feel happy that I spent Sunday with my littlest – riding her tricycle around the block learning and noticing and naming all the spring flowers and trees that are blooming.. Feeling deja vu as it seems like yesterday I did the very same with my now 9 year old! Simple pleasures.. oh so good!

  131. Lauren T. says:

    I’m happy for the rain today. It was a beautiful weekend and now we are getting the much needed rain :)

  132. Amanda W says:

    Love them!!

  133. Amanda W says:

    And, I’m happy about getting our garden fence up yesterday!

  134. Jill C says:

    I’m happy that my four kids have changed my formerly “skinny girl” body into a “vintage girl” body. The curves could use a little adjusting – with the help of that cool bathing suit! I dig your blog!

  135. Elizabeth says:

    Feeling happy about taking my almost one year old to spend a week at my parents place in the mountains, and coming home to green and blossoms everywhere.

  136. Anna says:

    I would LOVE a new suit for my post-baby bod! Also, I feel happy that we are finally getting some warm, spring weather in MN, and that my yard is filled with new growth. I am so excited to garden I can’t stand it.

  137. AngelaM says:

    My oldest of four daughters is preparing to graduate high school and leap off to college! I am so happy to watch her go after her dream of being a vocal performance major!!

  138. Jo Shontz says:

    Wow, what gorgeous suits!
    I am happy that I get to go on a date with my husband tonight! It so rarely happens, and I can’t wait.

  139. Maggie says:

    I am so happy today that it is my second to last day of work before I get to be a stay-at-home mommy with my two girls. Happy for the world opening up this opportunity for me. And happy to have a summer to run, live and dream! YAY.

  140. Lindsay Martinez says:

    I love reading your posts! Today I am happy that it has finally stopped raining, and that the rain washed away a whole lot of pollen. :)

  141. elizabeth says:

    Happy winter is over, pretty much, here in Montana. Eating green garlic, arugula and pea shoots from the garden!

  142. Lisa says:

    Would love one of these suits. :)

    Right now, I’m loving the change of seasons. We are getting (a little) more warm and sunny here in the Pacific Northwest!

  143. Jen D. says:

    Oooh, I could use a new bathing suit! Right now I am happy because my cousin and several of my friends have babies due this summer. Can’t wait to meet all of these new littles!

  144. Mistene says:

    I feel happy that because we are finally finished winter! I love chilly spring days!

  145. Sarah says:

    Such fun suits!
    I’m just excited that it spring really seems to be here in Montana. For real this time. I had a wonderful walk to get coffee with my brother yesterday. What a glorious beautiful state we live in.

  146. Melissa says:

    I am happy for the sun peeking out now and then in between rain showers. Knowing that tomorrow is the last day of April and winter is definitely behind us is such a relief; no more winter coats and gloves to stuff my kids into. Bring on spring!!

  147. Mary-Margaret says:

    I am bursting with joy that I will be illustrating this summer and be compensated. A simple smile and a hello turned into a wonderful opportunity.

  148. Emily guerard says:

    I am loving that my middle boy wanted me to snuggle home until he fell asleep for his nap-which was about 10 seconds :)

  149. Anna-Weston says:

    I am happy that my husband will be home from training in 12 short days!!! Love the suit :)

  150. Mara D says:

    I am happy that it is so gorgeous outside FINALLY. We are playing outside in the yard and LOVING IT!!!

  151. Jen MC says:

    Love the Jantzen Vamp Women’s One Piece Bathing Swimsuit in black.

    My youngest’s snuggles are making me happy right now, as she gets older I am afraid she will out grow her need for a quiet snuggle with mama.

  152. Erin L. says:

    I feel happy about our almost complete fence. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  153. Tara says:

    Right now, I am so loving nap time! I can hear my babies’ (2 and 3) slow deep breaths and can see the steady rise and fall of their chests as they sleep soundly in there sleeping bags; camping out next to me on the floor of our living room! I have been dreaming of a Popina swimsuit for 3 years now! It’s RED and it’s gorgeous and it looks like it would hug all the right places. I keep telling myself I will splurge and buy it for myself for my birthday and then I totally cheap out.
    P.S. My birthday just so happens to be May 3rd! #totally not kidding :)

  154. Sarah says:

    I am happy I’ve had a productive morning – despite a brutal night’s sleep!

  155. Kelly says:

    Right now I am happy that in three days I turn 39. I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters and I plan to rock my last year in my 30’s. What better way to do that than with a hot number from Popina!! Great giveaway!

  156. Kristen F says:

    What a great suit!!! At this moment I am so happy to
    Be sitting here with my son.

  157. Helen Del Rio says:

    Hi Dig! First, LOVE your blog. A new beautiful retro suit from Popina would be such a gift to brighten up my life right now. I am in the midst of ending a marriage that I had high hopes for. My heart hurts so deeply right now. I don’t take marriage lightly but after realizing that I am not able to nurture my creative, free loving, adventurous spirit in this marriage, I can’t continue. Since separating from my husband, I am trying to change back to the woman that loved herself. I started eating well again (made your bussel sprout salad and it was the BOMB!), exercizing 5 X week and and have recently lost 20 lbs. I am exited about this revived health and body, but my old suit will look ridiculous on me now! A new suit would brighten my somewhat grey life right now. I know, however that with our without a new suit, my days will brighten. I look forward to that. With love and appreciation.

  158. Kristyn says:

    I am happy that I got to snuggle my baby nephew yesterday – he’s ten weeks old and so squishy in all the best baby ways :)

  159. Mandi says:

    I feel happy that you got to explore our beautiful city!

  160. Kim says:

    I feel happy and thankful for the beautiful Montana sky that I am gazing at.

  161. lemontreelane says:

    I’m happy that our whole family spent yesterday out doors- gardening, cleaning up, snacking, playing, bike riding- in the beautiful sunshine-y day!

  162. Emily B. says:

    I love their suits!

    Right now, I’m happy because I have a baby napping on my belly, and another baby growing in my belly. Life is good.

  163. Julie Daniels says:

    Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota! *Last week we got 12″ new snow. I’m Happy to enjoy some sun beside my still ice covered lake!

  164. Jillian22 says:

    I feel happy that I hiked 9 miles yesterday with my husband and friends. I am happy that we are looking for a new place to live and I’m happy for the opportunities ahead of us!

  165. Anna T says:

    I am about to have my second baby in a few weeks and am pretty sure I am going to need a different swimsuit for this summer than the one I bought last summer :)

    I am happy about milk chocolate with hazelnuts and a breakfast date with a friend and my sweet little man :)

  166. Caitlin says:

    I am so happy that my baby fell back asleep in my arms even though I have to switch the laundry and something is boiling on the stove. I am also happy I could reach my phone!

  167. Erika Hickey says:

    I love the 2 parents & 1 kid time. We need to do that more often too. I also love Popina! (Fingers crossed). xo

  168. Emily LaBree says:

    I am happy that we just booked a week at the river for the whole family in September. It’s going to be great!

  169. Lia says:

    I feel happy about a longgg restful night of sleep and being woken up with doggy snuggles!!

  170. I feel happy that the semester is almost over…at which time I will slip into my brand-spankin’ new Popina bathing suit (crossing my fingers!), pour myself a champagne cocktail and pretend I’m all “old hollywood glamour” while I lay on the chaise lounge in the sun and read something FOR FUN and not for class! Heaven!

  171. Lorri says:

    I’m feeling happy about warm weather. It’s been a delicious spring here in Oregon and I’m loving it! And I could definitively use a cute new suit.

  172. Sara says:

    Uffda! I’m a mama to an almost eleven-month-old, and the thought of getting into a swimsuit gives me the willies, but I know that I’d feel a heckuva lot better pulling on one of Popina’s beauties!

    I’m feeling so, so happy about the fact that the sun is shining and the weather has finally reached the 70s here in unpredictable South Dakota.

  173. Cynthia says:

    A beautiful Montana weekend spent with family=happy me! :)

  174. Melina says:

    I’m happy right now because i love pandora avett brothers radio, and they’re from north carolina, and that’s where I’m a’going!

  175. Sarah D'Imperio says:

    Oh, man, I love that suit! I am not a shorts girl but I do love a good suit – you do have to show skin sometime, and it’s worth it to swim and to go to the beach. I’m positive even I might feel good in this one, thanks for sharing & for the chance!!! It’s black, a NYC girl’s prerequisite!

  176. Sarah D'Imperio says:

    Gah, I posted that I love the suit – but forgot what I’m happy about right now. RIGHT now I’m happy about almond butter, and the support of 2 other women in the office as the 3 of us start Paleo for a 30 day challenge on May 1! (:


  177. Andrea says:

    well, I would love to win a free suit. but i am headed to popina either way. portland’s my home town. whoop.

  178. Morgan says:

    I am so thrilled/happy that this spring has been so wonderful and I have managed to meet my goal of working in the yard an hour a day. We are supposed to reach the 80’s here in Ptown this week so I am planning to drag out the baby pool and a new suit sure would be nice with that!


  179. Monica says:

    Sunshiney weather in southeast Saskatchewan has me all sorts of happy today! Winter was much too long for this summer-lover :)

  180. KatieTW says:

    I went for a walk today with my two boys, and they both silently held hands with me as we walked home. It made my heart explode with happiness!

  181. Cris says:

    SUN and 70 degrees! It’s been a LONG winter here in Minnesota!

  182. gina says:

    I am happy to have my almost two year old nestled against me in deep sleep because I know these moments will end soon.

  183. Katie says:

    A creative day in my classroom!!

  184. Emily says:

    I am happy that there is rain with the wind we’ve been having.

  185. Annette says:

    I am happy about the changing weather. We are finally getting spring here. Friday is my birthday and winning a Popina suit would make my day!

  186. Denise says:

    I feel happy about… my quiet giggly house as my son and daughter actually play TOGETHER rather than scold each other. She is helping him draw. ***happy, contented sigh

  187. Molly says:

    I planted peas today with my dog and it was so sunny and springy!

  188. Melissa says:

    OMG how I want a new swimsuit!
    Super happy right now about this pregnancy; loving life and the skin I’m in. xo

  189. Lynn says:

    The snowbank behind the house melted and ALL went into the ground (not the basement) and it’s raining right now!

  190. Jorie says:

    Love those suits!
    Feeling happy about spring weather finally coming stay in NJ

  191. deen says:

    I feel happy about becoming a grandma,in August!

  192. deena says:

    I feel happy about becoming a grandma,in August!

  193. Michal Braun says:

    Love, Love, Love your blog and your girls and you!
    Also, I need that tankini! It’s literally exactly what I’m looking for?
    Any idea what the style name is or how I find it?

    Feeling happy right now that it’s 5pm here (LA) and I go home in an hour to my amazing husband and two babies! Nothin like quitting time!!!


  194. Tiffany says:

    These swim suits look rad.
    I am happy about being able to complete a full day of hiking a glorious mountain ridge line in Franconia State Park, NH.

  195. Maggie says:

    I am happy for Spring, the lovely flowers and beautiful blooming trees!

  196. Esther says:

    I would so love this for my trip to FL in June!

  197. Kylie Barnes says:

    Remember how you posted a picture of yourself in your suit last time?! Pics again hott lady! :)

    • dig dig says:

      That was a few years ago and I actually just reread that for the first time last night! I’m off to Florida next week and maybe I’ll feel a little more inspired than I do at the moment, all emerging from my Montana winter hibernation. x ๐Ÿ˜‰

  198. Meg York says:

    I’ve been admiring these suits for a couple of years and love love them! I’m happy about warm weather and budding trees, plants and life!

  199. Tara says:

    I’m happy for summer on it’s way and longer days!

  200. Lori says:

    Ah, I love Popina! I think my fave is the “The Mabel” in Daisy Dot
    What’s making me happ is that my one year old girl has fallen in love with my already well worn Winnie the Pooh bear.

  201. Mary says:

    I am happy that I got to spend a rare afternoon at home with my baby girl!

  202. Analise says:

    Ooooh, cute swimsuit! I could see myself lounging in style next to the kiddie pool in the back yard in one of those : )

  203. Nicole says:

    I am happy with so much in my life right now, I can’t say just one… my 13 month old is amazing, it’s my husband’s birthday tomorrow, the weather at the moment is sensational… life is just one big HAPPY right now!

  204. Heather says:

    Oooh enter me please! :) I’m happy that after dinner to ugly we took a fun family walk!

  205. Jennifer says:

    Happiness isโ€ฆ

    Standing with my daughter underneath these frickin’ full-bloom pink cherry trees shaking the branches and getting swallowed in pink snow. It makes me giggle to the core.

  206. brandi fugate says:

    i’m happy to have a wild little baby snuggled up with me tonight. he really needs to be sleeping in his bed, but i’m cherishing him being with me :)

    i actually threw away my old suit (4 years) a few weeks back. i love their vintage, curve loving suits!

  207. Christal says:

    Oh please pick me… I haven’t had a new suit in ….. well I guess almost 2 decades.

  208. Leslie says:

    I am happy to be reading Nikki McClure’s “Mama, is it Summer Yet?” With my just turned five year old and counting the days till Mama is home for the summer (32 days of school left!) we are planning all of the fun things we want to do together during the last summer before he begins kindergarten. Sweet anticipation makes me happy!

  209. BridgetMerlot says:

    Our 12-week old puppy, Sawyer. He is feisty, fun, and flippin adorable. Loving learning new things about myself and my husband as we move thru this new adventure – puppy parenting.

  210. Abby Doyle says:

    I’m happy about having the attic fan on right now!!! Would love a suit!

  211. Jen N. says:

    I’m happy I found a pair of jeans that are comfy and look cute on me!! Wahooooo!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  212. Hot damn. I’m happy that so many people are so friggin’ happy! Bring it.

    LOVE those suits. I have a vintage body, so a vintage suit would be just perfect. Would I ever splurge on myself like that? Dang. I’m still debating buying a new pair of pants after…6(?) years. I think it’s time, no? Maybe the suit should come first. Who needs pants anyway?

  213. Tammy says:

    Ohhh, I’ve always wanted a suit from Popina! In the midst of a deep soul-searching journey (separating from my husband, figuring out the single mom thing with 2 young kids.. learning to be me again), AND having recently lost 40lbs…a new bathing suit is definitely in order for this summer!

    Making me happy right now… we’re on the upswing from a nasty virus last week. Happy that we’re all feeling healthy, happy that my 2 little monkeys are tucked safely, happily, securely in their beds. Happy knowing I’m doing the right thing (my almost 5 year old daughter exclaimed, during snuggles before bed tonight, ‘Mama, I just love you so, so, SO much!’). Happy indeed.

  214. Crystal says:

    I am so happy that everything is ready for breakfast in the morning, just have to bake the French toast and the quiche. Working late into the evening is worth it in this case!

    I love the retro swimsuits – thank you for sharing a chance to win! And your model is going to look smashing in the swimsuit she picked – in a few years :))

  215. Lizzy says:

    Love the suits!

    I feel happy tha my almost 4 week old litte mister is having a much better night than last night. It probably helps that his mama is feeling much more calm!

  216. Lauren says:

    I am happy my sweet little one slept through the night! My post baby body would love to rock a new popina suit!

  217. Callie says:

    Love this black halter: http://www.popinaswimwear.com/one-piece-bathing-suit-halter-black-swimwear-c-12-p-1-pr-60.html

    Happy to celebrate one year of marriage this weekend!

  218. Holly says:

    Right now, I’m happy that my husband and I spent a rainy weekend away in a rustic cabin in the West Virginia mountains…

  219. SRH says:

    I love it when women find bathing suits that make them feel awesome – extra points for bathing suits that love hips!!

    Keeping me happy these days? Running! Gave birth to my second last April and never got back into the groove of any kind of exercise/me time. On a whim, decided to register for a half-marathon and then immediately freaked out since I haven’t run since, um, well maaaaany years. It. Has. Changed. My. Life! Never in a million years did I think I could feel this good about my ability to run again. More importantly, running has given me back so much that I was pushing down in my life. I am confident again, I feel healthy again, but I am also happier and more present and fun for my kids and husband. The icing on the cake? Training with a friend who has become very dear to me and who has shared almost every single running step along the way. Just can’t beat it!

  220. Sheri says:

    I love the idea of two parents and one kid dates…looking forward to doing that myself soon! I am happy about summer coming so early to Georgia and playing at the beach with my loves.

  221. Kasey says:

    Fun suits! This morning I am happy that I am able to appreciate and embrace my day before the kids wake up :-)

  222. Lauren says:

    One thing I’m happy about – I’m going to the beach this weekend! I can’t wait to sleep in and roam the sand with my friend.

  223. Sheilagh says:

    Right now I am happy about the latte I am drinking. I love the Popina bathing suits as well and have wanted to get one for a while.

  224. Sareh says:

    Love Popina! I first saw their cutie stuff at the Edgefield Inn in Oregon, (you would die of love at this place Dig). Right now I am happy to be eating carrot cake for breakfast and that the sun will be shining here in my rural, north of Seattle town all week : )

  225. Lea says:

    I am happy my jasmine vines are blooming…transformed our humble garden into an exotic oasis. And fava bean forests make me smile. Thanks for sweet giveaway!

  226. Jenn M says:

    I am happy for spring weather!!

  227. morgan says:

    i have coveted a swimsuit from there for years! Love your choice, appreciate the lime green with fringe, but i would have gone your route in the end…:) What a nice idea to have both parents with one child on an occassion. I will remember that one.

  228. Alena says:

    Love your swim suit! I am happy to see the sun peeking out after the rain shower.

  229. Brynne says:

    Love these suits! I am happy about my breakfast this morning of drip coffee with cinnamon on the grounds pre-brewing (can’t go without it now) and homemade yogurt (recipe from your blog and I have made it every other week since – thank you!) with bananas and maple syrup.

  230. Valerie says:

    The glorious sunshine!

  231. erica says:

    oohhh…a suit could definitely get some good mileage this summer–trip to Maui coming up!!

  232. Colleen Dalton says:

    Happy the sun is shining and it’s warm. Plus the laundry is done and put away!!!

  233. kate says:

    I would love a new swim suit! Thanks for sharing these great suits!

  234. Jody jakob says:

    I feel happy that I found my first morels of the season this past weekend while hunting with my son! Feeling happier that I am going out hunting again with a friend tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  235. Marian says:

    Big priority for the girls is for them to learn to swim. I may need to investigate a Popina suit to swim with them. What am I happy about? My girls recognise my voice and when I say it’s Mama, they snap their heads around to make eye contact, smile and coo. Like a normal baby. Enjoy Florida, i’m sure you’ll have an absolute blast! Xxx

  236. Heidi says:

    Love these!

  237. Becky says:

    I feel happy about my 6 day old baby boy. Happy about the perfect pregnancy and homebirth
    i finally got to experience. Happy even for this wicked mastitis, it gives me a legitimate excuse to stay in this new mom cocoon a bit longer.

  238. Jenny says:

    I am loving the sun and warmth that look like they are finally here to stay, starting my first real vegetable garden in the raised beds my skilled husband built, AND bringing home a puppy to join our family in 3 weeks!! So much to be happy about :)

  239. Kendra says:

    I am happily anticipating a visit from my fun-loving mother-in-law. It’s only the third time she’s been able to hang out with her 8-month-old grandson, so there will be happiness all around!

  240. Larisa Kamp says:

    If I ate those cupcakes Margot is staring at in the first photo, will I still look amazing in the Popina suits!? Yes please, to both! :)

  241. Joanna says:

    I feel happy just knowing that a swimsuit that cute exists in this world, and that I have a chance to win it!

  242. lindsey says:

    Would LOVE to win and ROCK one of these beautiful swim suits!!!! xoxo

  243. Lexie says:

    At this moment I feel happy about the prospect of winning a rockin’ new swimming suit. :-) And also this hilarious weather – the dusting of snow on my apricot blossoms is pretty.

  244. tracey says:

    I am happy we have a/c as our pool isn’t quite warm enough for swimming yet, though my son and I did try today. (Tucson, AZ formerly of Great Falls, MT!) I love the retro bathing suits!

  245. Molly says:

    I’m happy to be a month away from meeting our baby boy! And getting a new summer suit whether I win or not ๐Ÿ˜‰

  246. Joleen says:

    I am happy that both of my babies are asleep right now and I’m able to catch up on my blog-reading :) I would love the talents of a Popina swimsuit to be performed on my mom-body!!

  247. Natalie says:

    I’m happy my husband taught me how to use a chainsaw today! Love learning new things.

  248. Kelly says:

    I’m happy my younger daughter pulled herself to standing in her crib.

  249. Jennifer says:

    I’m happy About the major kicks going on in my belly right now & really hoping for a new perfect swimsuit for this post-baby body!

  250. Pam says:

    I am happy about the spring time and our garden prep, spending most of our days outside and the fact that the school year will soon be coming to an end for my boys so we can spend more time playing and exploring!

  251. Tammy B says:

    I need a new suit! Right now, I am happy that it is sunny and 82 in Chicagoland. It’s not going to last.

  252. Colleen says:

    Love that my teaching year is winding down! LOVE my preschoolers, but can’t wait for summer!

  253. Ali says:

    Beautiful suits! I’m happy rocking a sleeping baby now.

  254. Megan says:

    So happy to have spent 5 days with one of my very best friends welcoming her new babe! Happy for a day of sunny reconnection with my littles at the park today! Love these suits!

  255. Erin Becker says:

    I am happy right now because I hear we’re supposed to get some rain tonight. I love being under mounds of blankets listening to the rain outside as I drift between dreaming and wakefulness. It doesn’t hurt to also have my little ones sleeping by my side.
    I’ve been loving those bathing suits for awhile. If I’m not picked I’ll be visiting that store in Portland this summer!

  256. Ashley says:

    Im happy that I’m snuggled up in bed beside my little lady. :)

  257. MS says:

    I ve browsed the popina website as well..Such fun original suits.. And the chance to get one for free?! Cant get better than that! Today im happy with my 3 adorable children and for the warm weather thats finally coming our way:) maybe..hopefully the snowbanks will disappear for good!

  258. Barb says:

    I’m happy that my boys will finally get their own rooms in less than a month!

  259. Teresa C says:

    I feel happy to have found your beautiful blog!

  260. Grace says:

    Feeling happy about my upcoming road trip to Colorado!

  261. Cynthia says:

    I am super happy to be catching up on your blog while basking in a few warm minutes of New England sun :)

  262. Evie says:

    Adorable swimsuits! I’m happy that I just finished writing two 15 page art history papers. Wahoo!

  263. Jessica says:

    I am happy that I am expecting my second child! We found out this past Saturday and my husband and I couldn’t be more excited!

  264. Jenni aleksich says:

    I feel happy for my beautiful life , in my beautiful garden, with my sweetie and cute pups!

  265. Becky says:

    I am happy that the warm sun is shining today!

  266. Angie says:

    I feel happy for the warm sunshine gleaming upon my face right now!

  267. Joanna says:

    I feel happy about the unexpected cold front in Austin tx in May!

  268. Kelly says:

    I’m happy about sunshine and warm weather here in VT!

  269. Becky says:

    I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win. I love the retro look of these! And how fun to visit the store in Portland! xoxoxo b

  270. Becky says:

    I sure don’t follow directions…. hahaha I’m happy about owning 1 business and not 2 at the moment.

  271. Jennifer says:

    I’m really happy that “The History of Future Folk” has been picked up for distribution in the US. I was lucky enough to see it at the Napa Valley Film Festival and I can’t get it out of my head.

    Other than that, I’m happy it’s such a beautiful day.

  272. Jenny says:

    Love these!

  273. Rhett says:

    I was thinking about that awesome pic of you “frosting” with one of your hens. That was a Popina suit, right? Such a great photo!

  274. Romy says:

    I’m happy about the newborn baby girl snuffling softly into my neck right now…

  275. Nichole says:

    What fun!

  276. Stacey says:

    That I’m getting my hair cut. Long overdue! And sans kids. Definitely happy. :) Thank you for such a fun and generous giveaway.

  277. Jenn says:

    Want !

    I am happy the sun is shining and its not snowing!!!!

  278. Stacy says:

    I’m happy about time spent reading to my little guy about the solar system – his new passion!

    also love the thought of the retro kiss and tell suit! although a tankini is likely more my style these days!

  279. joy says:

    Something I’m happy for? The warmth of spring is finally here! Looking forward to the summer and all that this time of year has to offer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  280. Shari says:

    I’m happy I got some exercise in today. Even if it was only for 20 minutes!

  281. Liz says:

    Popina rocks!

    I’m happy that my sewing project is almost done and I can go to tango tomorrow night. :)

  282. Deena says:

    I feel happy about spring sunshine! Love Popina!