mood board / winter

We are doing a little website revamp. As with my home and my calendar, I am decluttering my online space. More white space. I’ve never created a mood board before and decided it would be helpful as a point of reference when choosing colors and arrangements online. Here it is:

Clockwise, items shown are my photos and things pinned by me on the world’s most epic mood board, Pinterest (follow along if you’d like!): living room, kitchen, plants.

It has been so helpful! And has me looking around my home and environment at the patterns, textures and colors I choose to live with. I enjoy noticing the object and the negative space (hey! I’ve written about this before); every little thing has its perfect place and I enjoy finding it, inventing it and then moving it again. And so begins a new series here featuring what catches my eye accompanied by a few details.

01. Lavender and oregano hanging in the kitchen. Paint color of our kitchen and living room: Day Spa (it looks nothing like the swatch online).

02. Guest bed, post-company. Thrifted pillows, sheets and wool blanket. Duvet and shams from Ikea.

03. Portrait of the girls by Holly Andres in our kitchen. Next to a giant piece of steel mounted to the wall that displays kid art, wall calendar, photos etc. Click here to see some of the ideas that influenced us. Kitchen timer. Vintage replication star washers, like these.

04. Coat rack by the front door made from a piece of old barn wood with hand-forged hooks. It’s similar to our last home’s entry but better with the added beauty of those hooks, thanks to my friend’s suggestion. She’s brilliant at adding a handmade, thoughtful element to everything. Cocksucker above.

05. + 06. Books and window in the girls’ bedroom. Curtains are vintage fabric.

07. Succulent that nearly died and is making an admirable comeback. Container from a garage sale.

08. Art, L: Diptych by Brad Allen, a piece I commissioned for our 5th wedding anniversary. The circles are arial views of the places in Montana we each come from. Andy and I take turns, each buying art every other year, inspired by the “theme.” Wood is the 5th anniversary idea. Art, R: Painting by Edgar Smith.

09. Well-loved wood floor, leg of one of my favorite chairs that used to belong to Andy’s Great Aunt Dorothy. The same Aunt Dorothy who owed the diamond.

10. Feet of a body warming by the fire upon our new (to us) chair. We also have a matching new (to us) sofa. Both gifts from a generous friend. Wish our raucous family luck with the white wool?!

11. Amaryllis in full bloom. My mother-in-law gave it to us for Christmas and it just keeps sending up shoots and blooms. Shoots and blooms!

12. George on the couch. We secured George from the Humane SocietyPendleton blanket was a gift when Margot was born. Plaid blanket recently thrifted. Plywood cabinet is our food pantry and came with our house.

11 Responses to mood board / winter

  1. trbholt says:

    I love the thoughtfulness you bring to your space, weather it be your bedroom, dorm room, campus apartments 1st home and now this home, over the years I have seen your style blossom and bloom into beauty!
    Love you Burb! Mom

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks for sharing your sweet inspirations with us. I love hearing about where people get their creative inspirations from. And I also love, when you can find it right there under your very own roof. All of the things in our home that I use to decorate and enjoy the most are old. I don’t care about buying an antique because I want it to be worth a bundle, I just like to buy the things that speak to me and wonder about the life of that one crazy item. Who wore this dress and who knit this blanket and who sat at this table? I love it all. Happy re-organizing.

  3. sara paul says:

    If you EVER, ever, wanted input or whatnot (since we do sites all the time now) and I’m a HUGE pusher of the white space, don’t hesitate. It would be an honor to use my skills for good…. :)

  4. Alannah says:

    Oh please don’t change your blog appearance TOOOO much!

    This blog trend toward tons of white space and photos of white, spartan spaces with like ONE Turkish rug, or a succulent plant or terrarium is so boring. I come here for color, clutter, vibrancy, and LIFE. Your blog is full of life, not minimalist, Scandinavian nothingness.

  5. Kim says:

    George is gorgeous! (It all is, but George spoke to me.) So happy that you gave him his forever home.