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Me: What makes me happy?* Ruby: Snuggling with me! And I like snuggling with you! I have this dear old friend whom I hardly ever see. Even though she lives in town. Even though every time I see her it feels like we are again 22 and the cosmos made extra special room for our relationship. Read more on sparkle…
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watch for the aura

I received an email a little over a month ago. The subject line read: Being an Artist vs. Being Materialistic. Hi Nici! My name is Sarah Brousseau, I’m a fellow creator, writing you from Baltimore, MD. I read your blog posts often, follow your Instagram feed and earnestly ooggle over your newest creations. Whenever I read your words, hear your stories and view the images you take, I feel an undeniable connection to what you’re sharing. Many times I find that your experiences help me relate to my own! (As a creative myself, this is what I hope to do for others) So, you may be wondering, why am I telling you all of this? Well, your latest blog post evoked a question that I ask myself often but have never been able to answer. I wonder, as artists who makes physical objects, how do we translate the isolation from materialistic needs and mindsets to our creations? In my darkest moments of creating, I feel almost guilty for making more “stuff”, for playing into the commercialism of art or falling into a business oriented mindset. I was wondering if this something you or your husband have ever questioned? And if so, how have you dealt with it? How, as artists who believe in minimizing materialism, deal with our inherent desire to make more things? Here’s a link to my artist website and personal blog. I make paintings as well as letterpress prints. One day I hope to run my own printing business making greeting cards, stationary and other fun paper goods. I look forward to hearing from you! Warmest Wishes, – Sarah One of Sarah’s mixed media pieces. I loved this email so much. It is thoughtful and thought-provoking. I wrote back: Read more on watch for the aura…
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let’s get crazier

I looked through my photos to find an image for a friend a few mornings ago and saw all the folders of photos and words I have that I had intended to document or turn into something else in 2015. Abandoned ideas. It sent me into an obnoxious, heady space where I took not of all the things I didn’t finish last year. Yes, I know, not helpful or productive. Read more on let’s get crazier…
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’tis the season: Shorten, Darken, Lengthen, Brighten

I’m embracing these days as they shorten, darken in anticipation of the winter solstice and the certain, subsequent lengthening, brightening. I find such comfort and joy in these predictable earthly rhythms that encourage human ritual. Read more on ’tis the season: Shorten, Darken, Lengthen, Brighten…
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Rainbow Friday is a shiny, happy event that celebrates small business and adds color to your holiday shopping days! Each of the businesses below crafts and creates and curates, hoping our neighbors will value our goods and, yes, buy them. We constructed Rainbow Friday so that you, wonderful people, can: Take advantage of some great sales and have a chance to win awesome things! Give gifts that support your community. I mean that sentence literally. When you buy from small, local shops you vote for economic health and creative wellbeing in your world. Stay home and enjoy your people in the days after Thanksgiving. Open your computer and shop when everyone is asleep after a rich day of play, conversation, snuggles and laughter. Each rad business below is offering up a giveaway and a great deal. Continue reading →
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