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Into the Great Wide Open

I've been saying and I'll keep saying it. This summer is nuts. Company and travels have us rushing about more than we're used to. All good things, all good things. But holy! Weddings, reunions, camping and adventuring have the Clines moving and shaking over these warm, river-dipped, suntanned months. Our most recent adventure was a big one. Andy and I packed mules into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Andy's boss and our friend, Chris Eyer, has nine mules and three horses and dude is passionate about his craft: swaddling gear and packing with giant, beloved, hooved animals deep into the wild. Continue reading →
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The Tree of Generations

This time feels different. The warm, squishy, dependent child that swam from my body — her legs run now. She involuntarily throws looks – simultaneously irritated and apologetic – my way when I mention anything at all that isn’t what she had in mind. And, in her literal very next breath, says mommy I want to snuggle with you. She presses her forehead to the soft space under my collarbone and falls heavy into my body, her knees arched up under my bicep, her arms draped around my neck.  Read more on The Tree of Generations…
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with our own two hands

Well shit, things are heavy in the world right now. I woke up in the middle of the night last night imagining things I’d rather not imagine. Things I’ve read about this summer. You know the stories. The senselessness and heartache of humans murdering other humans. Read more on with our own two hands…
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Summer on a String: Marigold Garland

Amidst the: Salad every night, snacking on sun-warmed peas, all those green tomatoes wiggling bigger every day... Bouquets of mint, oregano, chamomile, dill and lavender drying, waiting to season the winter's tea and soup... Are the flowers! I always tuck marigolds into my vegetable garden. I like the neon orange waving from the tones of jade, mint, emerald, sage, lime and clover. Marigolds are also a good friend to vegetable gardens. Their nectar feeds beneficial insects that eat harmful insects and they are also known to deter some insects from vegetable plants. Honestly, I think you'd have to plant gobs of them to make a real difference so I mostly plant them because they are jubilant. And they dry so beautifully! I made a garland last summer that has been in our bathroom ever since. The color has really held up and in the midst of winter's 4:30 sunsets and grey skies, I committed to make MORE marigold garland this summer. Continue reading →
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the immortality of make believe

Two years ago my daughters wrote a letter to a potential fairy and left it out on the deck. She wrote back. Her name is Lavender Fawn. The girls stitched up beds from fabric scraps and fashioned sofas from soft leaves, they set out itty portions of banana and pea sized bowls of jewels. Those who've been reading here a while might remember my discomfort with Santa etc because I couldn't shake the discomfort of lying to my kids. So how did we get here? Where I wake at 6am to craft tiny notes from a tiny fairy who cares for fawns in western Montana in the spring and lives in Nicaragua during our winter and took a sabbatical to help the moon fairy with the tides last summer? Continue reading →
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